What is CGDCT Anime and Why Do People Like It?

If you have been wondering what is CGDCT anime after browsing through Anime forums looking for animes to watch, or any other websites that the term “CGDCT” frequently pops up, then we got you covered. The abbreviation CGDCT actually means “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things”, it is an anime subgenre of the Slice of Life genre that has been a long lasting popular theme in Anime for years, and one of the mainstream subgenres you will regularly see around every new Anime season.

They are a lot of variety of CGDCT Animes out there, and it is what you obviously expect from the phrase, centralizing around cute girls doing cute things, from your popular sport, school clubs, or whatever belongs and is defined as a “cute thing” that girls may be doing. It is a fully filled saturated subgenre of the anime world with a lot of titles to explore and watch.

Why do people like CGDCT Anime?

The subgenre CGDCT in anime has been out for quite a long and it’s an ever evolving industry from its animation, storytelling and more, CGDCT animes are no strangers to the anime world, and has always been a part of the original list of subgenres in the Slice of Life genre. Most avid anime fans oftenly correlate “cute girls” and “anime” together, therefore this interest has created a huge community and fanbase around the subgenre in where people want to watch Cute Girls Do Cute Things in an anime for that main reason.

Though, as popular as CGDCT Animes are it is not the most liked theme in an Anime, obviously older audiences wouldn’t really find the amazement and interest in Anime Girls Do Cute Things, but to each their own on their personal preferences. However, CGDCT anime remains to be one of the popular reoccuring subgenre in animes, and you’ll most likely see 1-2 new titles come out every new anime season that centralizing around it.

Examples of CGDCT Anime

So, you already know what a CGDCT Anime is. Let us show some examples, and popular series of the cute girls doing cute things anime subgenre.

Yuru Camp

Yuru Camp is a popular anime series in the slice of life genre, and as well as the CGDCT subgenre. Yuru Camp revolves around a group of girls that are enthusiast of mountain climbing and outside exploration. From trekking, or camping on the mountains around Japan, Yuru Camp is a perfect anime that showcases the peaceful recreational activity.


New Game!

New Game has been one of the well-recieved animes of Summer 2016, having a high score of 7.50 on myanimelist at the time of this writing. New Game! is an anime about a newly graduated high schooler named, Aoba Suzukaze, who decided to work at a Game Development company. She is fond of 3d character designing, and has come to find herself making friends with her colleagues and discovering the challenges of creating a video game along with them.



You really can’t avoid recommending K-on! as it is one of the original pioneers of the CGDCT anime genre, K-on! is an anime about a group of high schoolers that have come to find themselves forming a band all because of one enthusiastic girl that was desperate to learn how to play the guitar and to also play with a band. K-on! is an iconic anime in the slice of life musical world, and has amazingly cute animations.


Now you know

Hope you like the short list of animes about cute girls doing cute things, and hopefully you have learnt what a CGDCT anime is. If you have any feedback, or want to help out in suggesting your favorite CGDCT anime for the future readers of this article, comment down below, we would appreciate it! We also have an article about What is Slice of Life?

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