Bocchi the Rock Movie – A Theatrical Recap Set to Release in 2024

Bocchi the Rock Movie that was previously announced around May after the airing of the 12-episode TV Anime series, has just gotten a new promotional update during a special anniversary livestream. Revealing a new trailer, and promotional new visual. Bocchi the Rock! Movie is set to release around Spring of 2024, while being released in a two part movie. Spring is usally around April for Anime seasons to be aired, so for now, you can check out the newly released promotional materials down below.

Despite Bocchi the Rock Movie being a theatrical compilation recap of the 12-episode anime series that aired in the Fall of 2022, fans are still hyped to go and rewatch the popular anime about our beloved bocchi and the rest of the group once again in theatres. Including that the fans have speculated that if the movie has a successful release, then hopefully a second season might finally happen for the great rock anime, which has been desperately asked for by the anime community. We all want to see the continuation of the great rock anime series don’t we?

If you haven’t watched Bocchi the Rock then it’s by far our greatest recommendation to go ahead and binge through the awesome full of comedy, and musical rock Anime, and, even if you might not be a fan the genre, you might actually end up liking it, give it a try.

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puravive reviews
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