6 Best Digital Art Softwares That Everyone Uses

Looking for the best digital art softwares that is currently a trend in the artist community right now? Check out our short list we came up with in introducing you all the worthy and capably known digital art applications that you can freely download or purchase to serve you in your journey as an artist whether it’s for illustrations, painting, comics, or animation, we got you covered. This list compiled based on online searches, available tutorials, overall community growth and support.

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint has taken the stand for being one of the best all-around digital art softwares which is perfect for sketching, drawing, painting and even animation. Due it’s wide support and community growth of artists especially from Japan focusing on the artstyles around anime, manga, and comic style works that heavily use this program, making it, maybe, the first or second best from Photoshop for aspiring anime artist. This software is well-known in the anime artist community for its wide range of plugin support, device support and the available tutorials that alot of professional artist use which attracts a great market of aspiring artist to come use the software.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the first capablly best digital art softwares to provide the essential tools and workflow for every specialized digital artist, that focuses on anything digitally art related from painting, drawing, sketching and so on. Unlike the rest, photoshop also focuses on photo manipulation usage which it was originally intended for. Although, the downsides to using Adobe Photoshop would be the hefty subscription pricing, and requiring a decent PC to run it without problems during mid development of your work. Photoshop is still the most used software for digital artist, and is always recommended if possible to get ahold of.

PaintTool Sai

PaintTool Sai originally was the most used digital art program for a lot of artist focusing on Anime, Cartoons and such. PaintTool Sai is a more simple and straightfoward program that gets you direct to the business in drawing. For programs like Clip Studio Paint that has more complex tools, in-depth features to support artist in their career and workflow. Though, paintTool Sai is still used in the community, however fewer professionals have transistioned to better ones overtime considering SAI has very limited features for most in-demand artists. However, SAI is still a great software of choice for the simplicity and straightfowardness of just wanting to illustrate.

Thumbnail source: https://youtu.be/F1JzWHDgDfs


Krita is an open-source program and could be one of the best entry level programs that is entirely free for aspiring amatuer artist that cant afford programs on the 50 USD Range. Krita surprisingly being free actually acts like a paid program, and you could say it’s the “blender” of digital 2D art programs, it is available on steam for a few dollars as well with a big range of community support.


ibispaint is another great software and is mainly marketed to be perfectly used with mobile devices and such. ibispaint although not used by plenty of professionals in the industry still remains as a great software used for aspiring artist that are just learning and have no means to purchase expensive or intensive demanding applications for their computer or other devices. It’s entirely free if you get the ibispaint X version that is limited in some features, while ibispaint comes with unlocked premium features.


Procreate is another one of the best digital art softwares that focuses mainly on the digital painting aspect, offering quite a lot of features with its 3D painting, page/drawing assist, and more that serves digital artist with their painting profession. Procreate is considered a professional industry leading program and lot of well-known digital artist that focuses heavily on painting in their artworks have been using this, and anyone who does not really like the interface or complexity of programs like photoshop tend to shift to procreate as it is known for being user-friendly among professionals as well.

Got anymore best digital art softwares you want to suggest? Comment down below, we’ll look into it!

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