4 Best Anime character 3D Modeling Tutorial

I am a Blender 3D artist that also wanted to create 3D Anime characters, and I’m here to provide you with a list of various tutorials for the best anime character 3d modeling tutorial for Blender that helped me and will help any aspiring artist to create a 3D anime character model, learning the fundamentals and techniques.


Youtube has a ton of tutorials and guides from commentary tutorials to Speed modeling, tutorials in different languages from other skilled artist but there’s only so little videos that have a quality teaching experience to learn, of course most tutorials in different languages, some being with no commentary but quality is quality, and here are the best anime character 3D modeling tutorial out there.

Best Anime character 3D Modeling Tutorial for Blender

Daniel Krueter (English Youtube Channel)

Daniel Krueter is probably one of the first Youtube Channels out there that would post a proper a 3D Anime Character Tutorial. He has three series which one is incomplete as of now, but still his channel has plenty of content in order to understand the fundamentals and logic in an anime character 3d modeling tutorial.

There are times where it may be hard to follow, and hotkeys being unexplained, but I think that can be avoided if we know what the function that he explains doing and search up the default hotkeys ourselves for that function. Other than that, it’s smooth sailing, as he displays the techniques and habits that most 3D Anime modelers would do since he has worked in the industry.

mmCGチャンネル animetic (Japanese Youtube Channel)

If you’re already familiar with Blender, know the navigations, and simple features that comes with Blender, you can watch a Japanese tutorial series from mmCGチャンネル animetic. It’s all about what you see and not always what you hear in Art learning, observing techniques, habits, and progress in making these 3D Anime characters, and that’s the most important asset.

We are given this opportunity to learn from an actual Japanese 3D artist, and it’s a great way to use his tutorials as a learning reference once you get Blender figured out or if you already know Blender, this is perfectly fine to use as a 3D Anime Character Tutorial.

Nhij Quang (Vietnam Youtube Channel)

Nhi Quang is a Vietnamese 3D modeler that uploads a good sum of 3D Anime Character Tutorial videos in his channel, although he may not speak in English, his videos are subbed in English, which is great from the get-go. His knowledge in creating anime 3D models is top-notch, and a great source for referencing.

He has countless of different types of series and tutorials, from Body based modeling, clothing tutorial and more, a nice way to grab more knowledge on how these 3D artist go about in doing things.

Nauval Studio (Speed Modeling Tutorials)

Now speed modeling isn’t that bad, with the right tools we can slower the video. Most artist aren’t that good in doing tutorials by voice, so they would do speed modeling as a way to share their experience, and knowledge.

Nauval Studio has a pretty awesome quality speed modeling tutorial on his channel, though he is inactive but has a completed series available to use as reference and it’s a great speed modeling tutorial series which you can take a look at the final product on his channel.

Hope this helped

Though it’s quite a small list due to quality tutorials being still scarce until now but I still hope this has helped anyone out there having a hard time finding a good 3D anime character tutorial to follow and reference from, as these tutorials is what made me create my own 3d anime character for Blender.

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