6 Best Makoto Shinkai Movies


Makoto Shinkai has been known to have directed a lot of high-production value Anime out there, some of them being Your Name which made his popularity more mainstream. He released another anime called Weathering with You that came out in the later years which boosted his popularity even more.


Makoto Shinkai has directed animations from Anime shorts, trailers and to a full-featured film, and is widely known for his complex stories, and symbolic messages that each of his Anime tells. Here are the best Makoto Shinkai movies out there.

Best Makoto Shinkai Movies

Kimi no Na wa

Kimi no Na wa or Your Name is a 2016 Anime film that went popular worldwide, and still standing strong. Appearing in movie theaters globally and attracting even casual Anime fans out there. Kimi no Na wa tells a strong compelling story about two young individuals that undergoes a random body swap throughout the day due to an unknown phenomenon.


We join this journey between the two figuring out what to do and how to deal with this strange body-swapping event in their daily lives. Kimi no Na wa undergoes a ride of comedic, romantic, and emotional events, relaying us a message about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, and how love transcends time.

Tenki no Ko

Tenki no Ko or Weathering with You is another popular anime that has reached global fame, it was the next anime to be released after Your Name, with Weathering with You released in 2019. Although, it may not surpass Kimi No Na Wa, it still made a lot of casual Anime fans that enjoyed Your Name enjoy watching Weathering with you.


Just like any Makoto Shinkai Film, Weathering with You showcases the test of love, seeing how far could a character go for the person they love. Displaying a message about a person who could be giving so much but have so little, being too kind that the cost of your own health deteriorates. Weathering with You displays a fictional adventure of two teenagers just trying to live a happy life, and the emotional journey is one that you can’t ignore.

Kotonoha no Niwa

Kotonoha no Niwa or The Garden of Words is one of best Makoto Shinkai movies in 2013 before Your Name and Weathering with You. It was an anime film that had really good animations for its time, and contained very mature emotional atmosphere of a story.


It presents us with this message in its story, “it’s okay to be alone, but always be open for social contact / relationships”. Having a lot of poetic dialogue that you could think for what it means, and I think that is a wonderful part of the show with how it gets personal with problems that people actually go through.

5 Centimeters Per Second

Byousoku 5 Centimeter was released in 2007 and I think the anime is what made Maoko Shinkai to become more known in the Anime community, people loved watching this but it was also an Anime film hard to understand in a sense where we needed to understand deeper. 5 Centimeters Per Second showcases a realistic problem that people face today, and also a common message that we all should remember during adversity.


How the passage of time is fixed, that you can’t bring it back and attain what was spent and was lived in that moment. A famous quote, “The speed at a cherry blossoms falls is 5 centimeters per second”, which references a persons fleeting moments in life and something you can never get a hold of again. 5 Centimeters Per Second goes an extra mile in storytelling, where it can be complex but understandable if thought is given. Making it one of the best Makoto Shinkai movies.

Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho (The Place Promised in Our Early Days)

The Place Promised in Our Early Days is one of the best Makoto Shinkai movies that strives for complexity, showcasing themes of sci-fi about parallel universes, physics and a lot more science fiction. It takes place in an era where the Soviet Union has invaded half of Japan and America controlling the other half and how this strange tower exist in their world.


How all these complex dimensions, dreams and realities interconnect with one another due to the phenomenon of the strange tower, it has a very Makoto Shinkai feel for its complexity of the plot, and that’s great about it as this concept that you have to think and interpret the events unfolding about two individuals who love each other and have this dream together to reach the tower.

Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo

Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo or Children Who Chase Lost Voices is an Anime that deals with the loss of a loved one. It represents the hardships of undergoing such an ordeal and how different individuals would handle it in a different way. This can be easily connected to any viewer, and that of a viewer who experiences the same. How we struggle to deal with grief, a predicament we didn’t ask for, and how we can at least try to endure such sorrow to live on.

It’s one of the Makoto Shinkai films that are hard to comprehend at first, this anime does suffer with delivery of its story, but in the end it can be understood, and it’s an enjoyable watch.

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