6 Best Anime About Swimming to Motivate You

Looking for an Anime about swimming? We got you covered because there is quite a handful of enjoyable swimming Animes available to watch, whether it is with a male or female protagonist, you can find any kind of swimming Animes and the titles here are pretty entertaining for the fans who are into sports and slice of life genres of swimming related activities. Some containing your solid competitive swimming race, board diving, or the recreational scuba diving. Here is the list of the best Anime about Swimming to watch right now.


Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club is an awesome swimming anime that shares its interest towards the competitive swimming interest, where it brings the main character, Haruka Nanase who was won several relay swimming race tournaments in Elementary school, and aiming to do the same in high school with some childhood friends. Free! is one of the only long-running anime about swimming with multiple seasons and movies, which it is proven to be the best swimming themed Anime to be aired.


Dive!! is another swimming anime that focuses more on diving, competitive diving to be specific. Mizuki Diving Club which is due to being shutdown because of financial reasons, has been given a second chance by the new diving coach, on the condition in where the club will qualify and send one of their members to Japan’s national olympics team, and the story continues from there, where it brings the common plotline of where the main character tries to save the club from being closed.

Grand Blue

Grand Blue is a comedy, slice of life anime that focuses on the main character, Iori Kitahara, who hopes to seek an ideal college life experience. Where a group of university friends and Iori Kitahara live and breathe the life of college students, where it generally takes place in the diving shop of Kiathara’s uncle. It’s an episodic adventure series where we join the main characters college life and his interest in scuba diving with his friends.

Umisho High School Naked Swimming Club

Umisho High School Naked Swimming Club is an anime that revolves around one of the supporting main characters who likes to skinny dip into the ocean, although, this changes due to her attending the swimming club. The Anime show follows, Kaname Okiura, who doesn’t know how to swim but soon happens to bump into a girl that loves to skinny dip into the ocean and both attend the same swimming club with a bunch of other people. The Anime brings swimming into a more hobbyist and casual setting rather than competitiveness, although an old anime, its still fun for the average slice of life anime fan.



Amanachu is another Anime about scuba diving, where the main character has an interest to the scuba diving recreational activity, unlike Grand Blue, Amanchu is a more relaxed tone, slice of life take on scuba diving as a whole, where the characters constantly go out to chill and just explore the ocean. If you’re finding an Anime about swimming or scuba diving, this is also a perfect anime to consider watching. You can check our review of this Anime here



Breakers doesn’t entirely focus on swimming alone, Breakers revolves around para-athletes, which the anime has 16 episodes in total, where 4 episodes of four different types of sports, Paralympic swimming, track and high jump, wheelchair basketball, goalball are represented in the four part episodic series of the Anime

Although, not quite a lot of Animes about swimming are out there, these Animes are great to watch for people who are interested in swimming animes and slice of life in general. If you enjoyed or have anymore Animes to consider including on this list that were missed out, comment down below!

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