Best Idol Sports Animes That You Didn’t Know About

Looking for Idol Sports Animes? Don’t worry, we got you covered, although it may not be your common theme around the idol anime genre, it is however a seldomly occuring theme, and thankfully, we do have a handful of them that exist. Idol animes are fun to watch, not only for its music, dancing and characters, but for its story, but what if they add the general idol plotline and fuse it with sports? All the more better isn’t it! Check out these idol animes with sports to watch right now that you’ll surely enjoy. Idol Sports Animes are a genre of its own!


Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is one of the best idol sports animes out there, representing the sports, Horse Racing, in its storyline. It has garnered world-wide attraction from the anime community. Depicting real life Japanese horses as anime girls, and letting them compete in a race track is a unique way to go about it, what’s also most liked about the show is the idol performances they stage after a win, where the top 3 will perform together on stage singing in celebration to themselves and their fans. A highly recommended show for anyone who likes the genre.

Puraore! Pride of Orange

Puraore! Pride of Orange is a ice hockey anime at first glance, though combining it with the common japanese anime idol concept, having victory performances at the end of the match after they win. Though, due to this, it has recieved a mix reaction from most viewers that expected a solid ice hockey anime, as you didn’t know, Pride of Orange is one of the first animes to implement the sports, ice hockey into an anime tv series, so you could see why it may be a dissappointment to some who do not favor the idol genre.

However, despite that, Pride of Orange still does a good job representing the basic concept of the sports along with the combination of Japanese idol performances every time the team wins in a match.

Extreme Hearts

Extreme Hearts is one of the newest entries to the idol sports anime genres, released in the summer of 2022. A girl named Hiyori who recently had her contract terminated by her talent agency she was with. Having failed to reach her dreams as a singer, she gives up, but this is soon to only last temporarily. As she finds herself discovering a new trending sports called Hyper sports, a sport where idols participate in “scientifically enhanced” competitive sports and having to do a performance in the end of the tournament.

Extreme Hearts is quite mediocore in terms of plot, but its not all that bad especially when you enjoy these kinds of typical idol shows. The different kinds of real life sports each episode is quite fun to watch, and although this show lacks the budget to make phenomenal animations, it still greatly entertaining for the fan of the genre.

Only 3? Well yes, there aren’t alot of animes that have the idol sports theme, but for sure, if any new animes that do, we will keep this list updated! If you got anymore idol sports animes that you think we missed, comment down below!

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