Car Racing Anime ‘Highspeed Étoile’ Airing in Spring 2024

Highspeed Étoile was revealed last year in 2022, said to be in collaboration with Super Formula, a Japanese racing series. The anime gave a brief synopsis of the anime revolving around next-generation futuristic racing cars that went up to speeds of 500/kmh. Fortunately we have additional information that was announced for the upcoming anime, Highspeed Étoile.

The main website of Highspeed Étoile has recently revealed a PV trailer, additional cast information and other promotional material. Two new cast members to be added were Yukari Tamura, who played Amane, Suzuha from Steins; Gate 0, and Toru Furuya who was a cast in the Kidou Senshi Gundam series. They’ll be joining along with Yurie Funato and Shuu Uchida. You can check out the PV trailer linked below.

Highspeed Étoile is an upcoming 3D CGI Anime set to release around Spring 2024. Revolving around a girl, Rin Rindou, Highspeed Étoile is set in a universe where racing at the speed of 500/kmh is considered to be a safe sport. This brings about a next-generation futuristic racing event called NEX Race that will intertwine with the main character Rin Rindou as she will suddenly enter this world of racing and thrill.

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