10 Best Anime About Football You Need To Watch

Anime about football? While the Football World Cup 2022 is happening in Qatar, and the sport is trending big time globally. We thought you would be interested in watching anime about football. Football in Japan is quite popular, and it shows in how much anime adaptations of the real sport there is to choose from. Don’t worry, we provided you a list with brief synopsis of the best anime about football which will satisfy your cravings for more football.

Blue Lock

Blue Lock is currently the trending anime series that has been going around the world. A recently made football anime aired to support Japan in the World Cup. The Japan national team is known for having the same jerseys as the one shown in the anime. Blue Lock is a shounen anime series about a boy named Yoichi Isagi, whos dream is to become the worlds best striker.

After losing an important game in his high school life, he has been invited to join a U-18 special project that aims to turn selected players into the best striker. If you love football, with the typical shounen elements of drama, then Blue Lock is a good series to sit through.

Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven, one of the original football animes to ever gain traction in the mainstream space globally. Inazuma Eleven is known as everyones childhood favorite weekend show. An anime that fuses football and “special powers” into one different fictional style of the sports, leading it to be entertaining, dramatic and flashy. From the first of the series, to the newer ones of Inazuma Eleven, it’s an entertaining anime overall, and family friendly one as well.

Victory Kickoff! (Ginga e Kickoff!!)

Victory Kickoff! is a rather wholesome anime about football with a simple plotline about a boy who formerly played in a football team but the team was disbanded for not having enough players. This is soon to change when he meets a certain girl football player, that motivates him to find members, and chase the professional football player dream.

Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun (Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun)

Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun is a comedy anime at best which also involves the sports, Football. Aoyama-kun is known as an atheletic, and charming person in his school and is liked by mostly everyone. Though, he has one flaw, and that is being a clean freak due to his phobia over dirt or anything that can be contaminated, but funny thing is, he plays football, a upfront personal dirty sport, how can that happen?


Aoashi is a recent 2022 Football Seinen anime, which was well-recieved in the anime community. The plot is what you normally see in most sport animes involving the main character who’s a “one of a kind”, in where he goes through a set of troubles and then is given a chance at something to compete and be the best player. Since Aoashi is a 2022 anime, the animation is really great and up to date and a just another highly recommended anime about football.


Days a popular anime in 2016, is another Shounen anime about Football with a dramatized plot. It’s about a boy who isn’t talented with nothing special that was suddenly dragged into the world of football by a proclaimed football genius. Due to our main character finding himself to be a fill-in for a Football match, he surprisingly has a great debut moment where he scores, motivating him to further chase this dream in being a football player.

Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa is a 2018 anime about football, our main character Tsubasa has recently moved into a new town known for their superior football teams. Despite Tsubasa being an amazing player back in his old school, he finds him up against other talented players in the field causing him to work hard and prove that he has what it takes to be a great football player.

Area no Kishi

Area no Kishi is anime about football showcasing two brothers who have a strong passion towards football. One of them becomes a star player
in a football youth team, while the other becomes a manager. Though, the brother who became a manager suddenly decided to be football player
one day, which changes everything. Striving to be the best and to one day enter the world cup, he trains hard to achieve such goal, he’s also
pushed by a female childhood friend, that currently plays for Japanese women’s national team, which pushes him even further.

Giant Killing

Giant Killing an interesting anime about football, where it doesn’t focus on a player, but the manager instead. Giant killing premise revolves around a low division East Tokyo football team that has been in a long losing streak in Japan’s top football league, with the team in disarray, low morale, and experience fan hatred. The highers-ups at the board have been looking for a way to make the football team great again before its too late and a disband will be given. Before that, a new coach enters, Tatsumi, has been hired to reshape the team and bring victory to the East Tokyo Team.

Aoki densetsu shoot!

Aoki Densetsu Shoot! is an anime released in the 1990s. It follows a player Toshihiko Tanaka who enrolls into a high school where his idol in football went to. Aoki Densetsu has quite the common anime filled drama involving the mains characters road to being a successful football player, from club drama, personal drama and much more obstacles for our main character, Tanaka to lose all hope. But, this all changes when a childhood friend comes to the rescue and brightening our depressed main character to target his dream again.

If you know any other Animes about Football that should be on this list, comment down below. What’s your favorite Football or Soccer Anime?

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