Ao no Exorcist New Anime Series Announced

Jump Studio NEO stage has just announced a new anime series for the Anime, Ao No Exorcist, or also known as, Blue Exorcist. They have revealed an announcement video along with a promotional teaser image for the upcoming series.

In 2011, the first season of Ao No Exorcist aired with 25 episodes, having a myanimelist rating of 7.51 that was watched by millions of people. Later on a movie was released in 2012 and a second sequel later came out in 2017 with 12 episodes. Ao No Exorcist is a popular anime title with a lot of support from anime fans in the community, and it’s no surprise that this news has become a wide sensation throughout the anime fandom.

Check out the announcement video here along with their twitter announcement.

Even Katou, Kazue couldn’t contain his excitement with this new celebratory illustration posted on his twitter.

Stay tune for more updates at

Official site @


Whether it’s a reboot, a season 3 or anything else, we can’t deny this is great news to hear as the manga for Ao no Exorcist is coming to an end, this most likely has a relation to the newly announced anime series, so hopefully a reboot would be amazing to see with newer animations.

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