10 Attack on Titan Season 4 Best Moments

The first half of the Attack on Titan Final Season has ended and every episode from the start never failed to amuse us and it always exceeded our expectations. Season 4 was filled with all the emotions an AoT fan can get but it was on another level which gave more excitement, anxiety, and adrenaline that are addicting and we always desire uncontrollably for more . As we wait for the second half of the Final Season (Confirmed, Winter of 2022), let’s head back and look over the 10 Attack on Titan Season 4 best moments.


Attack on Titan Season 4 Best Moments that makes Attack on Titan amazing.

Fort Slava

The mission on Fort Slava by Marley introduces the opening scene of the Final Season. It is shown to us how things are seen from the Marleyan perspective since we all got used to the complex outlook of people inside the walls for so many years. 4 kids in soldier outfit were brought upon into the story which means that we get to see a whole new different set of characters in the show in their own point of view as well.


This is arguably one of the best ever scenes as desperate defenders of Fort Slava saw Titans raining over their heads (literally). We get to see Reiner and Zeke fighting alongside the agile Jaw and Cart titans. This opening scene changes the entire view of the story which cultivates the curiosity of viewers. 

Zeke’s Past

Zeke’s importance is highlighted as you go further in the story as we get to see a bit of the puzzle as to what motivates Zeke and his inexorable disposition. His backstory is no different from Eren’s as it is also filled with desolation and hatred which made him what he is at this point of the story. We get to see as to how and why Zeke became a strong and frightening man and titan that is honored and applauded by Marley and greatly feared by his enemies.


Mr. Kruger

This might not seem too surprising for the fans as perhaps they might have guessed who the mysterious one-eye, crippled young man with long hair might be but it is not the case for the kind and sympathetic warrior candidate Falco Grice, who has came in contact and trust with the odd and strange young man. Little do they know that Falco, Marley, and the course of the story are up for a big surprise which includes the dedicated viewers as well.

Survey Corps vs Marley

Ever since the first season, the Survey Corps has been an icon not just for the story but for the fans as well. The humanity’s last hope has been fighting off a lot of titans, endured losses, and committed endless sacrifices from the start and this time they are bound to fight not only against terrifying titans but also the great army of Marley which are equipped with weapons far different from those the Survey Corps uses.

It is filled with a lot of hype and excitement to see them in action with their maneuvering gears, swords, and thunder spears outside the walls particularly in enemy territory packed with powerful machine guns and deadly cannons. It is not one easy task for the Survey Corps as they also face the strong and scary titans that fight for Marley.

Young Reiner

This tragic and heartbreaking backstory of Reiner shows us the juvenile Marleyan warriors that consist of Reiner, Annie, Bertholdt, and Marcel and their mission on Paradis Island. We are able to witness Reiner’s painful past and how he blames himself over everything and how his fellow warriors responded and treated him. We could see as to why these characters that we loved at some point and hated did what they had to do and that this backstory fills the fans with unexpected commiseration and sorrow.

Armin’s Transformation

In this part of the story, intensity and uneasiness have grown further especially with the emergence of Armin and the Colossal Titan in enemy territory. We get to see Armin transform into a titan for the first time and immensely turn the tide of the situation. This is one of the most hype parts of season 4 but there is a price to pay for it as despair and distress fills the room as Armin’s perspective puts him in regret and obsequiousness.

Levi and Zeke’s Rematch

Fans have been excitedly looking forward to this moment but things are different for Levi as his hatred and frightening rage increase as tons of blood are spilled caused by his greatest adversary. Fans’ excitement may have spun unexpectedly and it is up to you to figure out the outcome of this dreaded rematch.

Eren and Reiner’s Reunion

Arguably one of the best, if not the best, moments ever in Attack on Titan history as tension started to grow dramatically in this moment which is filled with an atmosphere of betrayal, sorrow, and madness. Eren’s first transformation of season 4 in this scene emphasized his goal and it showed to us that at that point there was no turning back.


The Warhammer Titan

Dubbed as the “Overpowered” titan, this was a big surprise for the loyal anime fans as they got to see a new interesting titan that looks fearsome and strong and has the ability to produce weapons. This exceptional moment showcases the Warhammer titan vs Eren while the Survey Corps are busy tending to Marleyan soldiers alongside the Jaw and Cart titans.


Marley’s Invasion

This is the biggest cliffhanger ever as we were so close to seeing two worlds clashing once again which imbues the viewers great excitement with a bit of worry and the desire for more addicting episodes as it was the last thing we got to see in Season 4. At this point of the story, there is a split as to which side is which and the confusion with “who is the enemy?” expands. Marley’s Invasion packs up the fans with an impatient emotion of looking forward restlessly for the second part of season 4. 


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Enjoy any of these Attack on Titan Season 4 Best Moments? Comment down below, if not listed, what is your best moment?

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