5 best Gaming Romance Anime You Need to Watch

Looking for a gaming romance anime after watching a romance anime about video games? We got you covered as there is quite a lot of them in the anime industry, as a lot of series have been adapted due to its popular theme in the romance genre. I mean, who doesn’t want to find a gaming partner to fall in love with? Here are the best gaming romance anime out there to watch right now.


Net-juu no Susume

Net-juu no Susume probably fits what you’re looking for in a gaming romance anime. The Anime showcases two adults that play the same mmo game unknowingly, starting out with Moriko Morioka, a girl who is a self-proclaimed NEET, who just started to play the new MMO game called Fruits de Mer. She initially has a hard time getting through the beginner missions at first, but later on she meets another player who has helped her out in getting through, this sparks a new in-game friendship with one another, where they start playing together for a long time. Little did these two players know, that this as well sparks a series of exciting events in real life!


Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

NetoYome for short is an anime about a high school guy that has been traumatized after finding out a female character in the game he asked to marry has been a guy player all along. This changes his perception of female characters he sees online being mostly, or in fact, all guys.

After one day, he joins a new guild discovering a girl character asking to marry him after awhile of playing, he says yes, but keeps in mind that it might be a guy due to his past traumatic experience with the female character previously. However, this may not be true all the time, and having to suddenly meetup in an offline meeting the guild has setup, he awaits to find out who’s behind the character.


Gamers! is a comedy gaming romance anime about a high school game club. Revolving around our main character, Keita Amano, who was suddenly invited by Karen Tendou, the most popular girl in his school, to join the gaming club after she found out Amano is a gamer. This brings a series of new eventful happenings between them, awkward, cute and just fun stuff between people who loves gaming.

Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun

Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun is an anime about a male character, Fimuya Tomozaki, who is considered to be one of Japans best players in an online game called Attack Famalies. However, despite his glorious creditation in his video game, his real life however, isn’t so great, his lack of social skills and friendliness causes him to have a not so great high school life experience. He considers himself as a failure to where he proclaims himself as a “bottom-tier” character in this game called, Life.

However, this doesn’t last long as he finds himself discovering the truth of another high school schoolmate, a popular and smart female schoolmate, that is a complete opposite of him, who eventually ends up helping him in “ranking up” in this greatest game of all called Life.

High Score Girl

High Score Girl is an awesome take on the gaming genre as most of the anime mentioned in this list relate to video games on a modern device. High Score Girl focuses on the arcade gaming world instead. We are introduced to a male main character, Haruo Yaguchi, who wants to pursue the professional gamer dream, it has been said that he is quite talentend, and skilled in the games he plays, however this realization changes when a female classmate of his beats him in a video game called Street Fighter 2 effortlessly.

Do you know another series we haven’t listed here? Comment down below.

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