4 Best Anime about Fishing That You Might Like!

Looking for any anime about fishing? You clicked the right article as we have gathered the anime titles purely based about fishing. Actually, not a lot of Anime about fishing do exist in the industry, and if they do, most are rather “background” themes combined with fantasy or other genres, and are not really focused as the main plot in a slice of life environment. Though, don’t worry, as there is actually a handful of Fishing Anime titles that do exist, and we today will show you here the fishing Animes that are purely based on the Fishing aspect, so here you go!


Slow Loop

Slow Loop is a Cute Girls Doing Cute Things theme slice of life anime. It purely focuses on our main character who gains the interest to do Fly Fishing. The anime does a great job to explain some basic concepts of the Fishing Hobby like types of Lures, techniques, and bait, and furthermore doing a great job showing the calming environment fishing gives you. Later in the show, they do venture into other types of Fishing like in the Deep Sea. It’s a pretty wholesome moe anime, and if you favor such genre, this is a highly recommended series!

You can check out our review on Slow Loop here!


Houkago Teibou Nisshi

Houkago Teibou Nisshi or Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater is another Cute Girls Doing Cute Things themed slice of life anime. It revolves around a girl who has moved into a seaside town and upon joining the school she was asked to join the school’s Fishing Club. Through out the Anime, the main character ventures into the unknown of the fishing hobby from catching it to eating different kinds of seafood, your typical catch and cook! They mostly stay around the seaside or the beach to catch and eat their newly required fish, a very laidback slice of life anime about fishing indeed.


Tsuritama is an Anime that is a bit on the “weird” side with the premise, but it does still stay true to the concept of fishing, just in a weird premise. Starting off with a high schooler named Yuki, who lacks any form of social skills and is constantly anxious, he comes to find himself meeting a “self-proclaimed” alien who claims that in order to save the world, Yuki needs to learn to fish.

Though, not many may like the plot at first, if you are seeking a fishing anime, this anime still does a good job at it simply because the main character has to learn fishing throughout the show bringing up alot of information about the hobby. The artstyle is quite unique along with the plotline, and has recieved alot of postitive feedback from the anime community, so give it a shot!

Super Fishing Grander Musashi

Super Fishing Grander Musashi is a classic anime about fishing released in 1997. Pretty old classic, but consider it being probably one of the first of the Fishing Genre in Anime. The story revolves around a family moving into the countryside, and our boy Musashi suddenly stumbles upon a man fishing for bass, this intrigues Musashi quite a bit into learning lure fishing, he as well figures out that his Mother’s father is a former grand champion of bass fishing.

The Anime does quite well in showcasing to the audience about certain fishing methods and other information about the craft. It comes with two seasons, from 25 and 39 episodes. If you can sit through old animation from the 90’s then, this anime is very enjoyable for any fishing enthusiast who are looking for anime about fishing.


Welp that’s it for the list of best animes about fishing. Hopefully in the near future, there will be more fishing animes to come as it is the best relaxing hobby one could have and watch. Anyways, watched all of these Animes already? How about try reading our article about the best swimming animes here: Best Swimming Animes to motivate you.

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