Every Filipino Characters in Anime You Should Know

Looking for every Filipino characters in Anime? Seeing characters from a Filipino background is quite rare in most international media, however, it does happen, whether it is the main character, or a side character that isnt always directly important to the series, it is always awesome to see a character representing your nationality, especially in international media. Filipino characters in Anime do exist, and thus here are the every known Filipino characters in an anime you need to know as a Filipino.

Mari Mutoh from Japan Sinks: 2020

Mari Mutoh is one of the main characters in Japan Sinks, a mother of Ayumu Mutoh, the leading main character in the anime. Mari Mutoh is a 42 year old Filipina from Cebu city, Philippines. A former athletic swimmer that resided in Japan, and is now in a family of 4. She has the resemblance of a Filipina, who’s brown-skinned with short-hair also having the fun optimistic personality of the Filipino people.


Ayumu Mutoh from Japan Sinks: 2020

Ayumu Mutoh is the daughter of Mari Mutoh from Japan Sinks, she is half-filipino, and half-japanese. Just like her mother, Ayumu Mutoh is an athletic person, although, not a swimmer, she is a member of the track and field club, and is a strong runner who is expected to be representing Japan after she graduates.

Sucy Manbavaran from Little Witch Academia

Although not confirmed, however, she is from Southeast Asia, and has been assumed to be in one of the countries like the Philippines based on the available details we have of her character. Like her name, Sucy Manbavaran, her last name “Manbavaran” derived from the word “Mambabarang” in Cebuano language meaning Warlock/Witch. As well as her broom named, “Walis Tambo”, a soft broom commonly used in the Philippines.

Boy Allade from Hajime No Ippo

Boy Allade is a minor character in the anime, Hajime No Ippo. He is a lightweight professional boxer that is from the Philippines. He made his debut in Season 1, episode 68, Fighting against Aoki Masaru and never making another reappearance since then.

Irene from Darker than Black

Irene is a Filipina character shown in the anime, Darker than Black that appeared in Season 1, Episode 17. She lived in the Philippines but moved to Japan to work as a hostess and earn money for her family back in her homeland.

Shirley from Fate/Zero

Although not confirmed, Shirley from Fate/Zero is speculated to be from the Philippines, as there is quite a handful of hints and references. Shirley in the anime is from an island called Alimango Island, there is a known island named Alimango in the Philippines, although, it could be a coincidence. There are two remaining hints where you can see basketball courts and that the citizens on the island are Christian, all in common with the Philippines.

Marvel Anime: Blade

The Marvel Anime, Blade was a pretty fun Anime where the main character, Blade, encounters a Filipino tribe specialized in “Aswang” hunting, called the Verdugo that were from “Isla Del Fuego”, or also known as Siquijor Island. The three Filipno characters he met from the tribe were, Lupit, a female dual sword weilder, Cimarron that uses double spears, and Hagibis who was the archer in the group in which they had the appearance of Filipino tribes people, which was pretty cool.

Hopefully in the future we can have more anime characters with a Filipino background, but for now that is all, or as far as we know of that are Filipino characters in this list. If you anymore Filipino characters in Anime, comment down below if we missed any.

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