Will There Be A RPG Fudousan Season 2?

RPG Fudousan Season 2? RPG Fudousan has just ended last June 22 of 2022, which brought to the Anime spring season a very nice Cute Girls Doing Cute Things Anime. RPG Fudousan was not only about the typical happy go lucky episodic tale of the main character doing cute things but as well a tad bit of drama sprinkled on top to give some character development. After the ending, this has fans wondering if this opens up for a RPG Fudousan season 2 to come in the future?


RPG Fudousan Season 2 Release Date and Speculation

As of the making of this article, there is no confirmed release date and announcement from the studio and creators that a RPG Fudousan Season 2 is coming. However, in speculation, RPG Fudousan Season 2 is definitely a possibility whether next year or in the later years, as the ending hints and leaves an opportunity for RPG Fudousan to have a possible sequel.

The Anime only adapted a few chapters from the manga so, there is still a lot of source material going around with a lot more details yet to be shown and animated. However, this doesn’t really make a season 2 certain as most animes that have adapted from the manga, do not have a sequel, but in any case, it’s hopeful thinking nonetheless, and these two details just bring up the possibility more for a RPG Fudousan Season 2 to come in the future.

RPG Fudousan Season 1 PV trailer

RPG Fudousan Season 1 Synopsis

If you haven’t watched RPG Fudousan, RPG Fudousan is an Anime about Cute Girls Doing Cute Things in a fantasy world setting where our countryside main character has been newly hired into a real estate agency residing in the kingdom. The company focuses on selling real estate from abandoned places, to rentable housing at the owners request for anyone that has come to visit the agency.

This sets up the Anime for a series of episodic storytelling of the everyday life of the main character and her new profound friends that she has made from work throughout the show. RPG Fudousan is a lighthearted anime with an added bit of drama that adds more development for the characters. The series is a highly recommended watch, if you are into the theme and genre of the Anime.

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