Koisuru Asteroid Review: Anime about Astronomy

Koisuru Asteroid or Asteroid in Love is probably one of the first cute girls doing cute things type of Anime that focuses around the Astronomy theme realistically as a slice of life Anime. I do believe it does a good job in depicting the interest really well when an individual becomes interested and focuses on Astronomy in which it represents Astronomy itself very nicely. While compared to the existing astronomical themed Anime that are more subtle with Astronomy or heavily science fiction based revolving around the Astro theme.


Koisuru Asteroid Synopsis

Koisuru Asteroid is an outdoor slice of life Anime about Astronomy that revolves around a girl named Mira Kinohata who made a promise to her childhood friend Ao Manaka saying they would find a galaxy or an Asteroid together as Mira realizes there are no Asteroids named Ao.


After parting ways during their childhood, Mira later joins an Astronomy club that was combined with the Geology club due to a lack of members that sparked a bit of difference in opinion for both parties due to the “indifference” of such fields being together. She later finds Ao also attending the same school and club, and the anime continues to showcase each characters passion and reason for wanting to focus on their desired scientific field.

Koisuru Asteroid brings the audience in a slice of life journey of the characters partaking in activities to focus on this Astronomical interest they have in high school and taking it as far as in applying to a sponsored educational camp event for Astronomical lovers for them to lead into a potentially lifelong career.

Koisuru Asteroid Review: Why I love this Anime

Astronomy is something that holds dear to me, one of the field of interest in science that I would hope to achieve and focus on someday. There are just some things in Koisuru Asteroid as an Astronomy lover you can relate to that revolves around the interest itself, struggles to focus on this academical field and other passionate events that an individual may undergo just like how this Anime depicted with their aspiring characters and it makes Koisuru Asteroid a great Astronomy Anime to watch.

How often do you look up at the night sky to stargaze as much as these characters do in which they contemplate the wonders the universe may hold whether its discovered and undiscovered finding what’s new and different to them. Wanting to be passionate in diving into the curiosity beyond the cosmos that no man has properly explored or for the betterment of society that science brings. Koisuru Asteroid is the epitome of what an aspiring Astronomer or science student would feel when embarking into an interest they desire to learn in the scientific field.

Koisuru Asteroid Review: Story and Character

It’s slice of life Anime which the story that revolves around Koisuru Asteroid will just be your average simplistic storyline progression from “I don’t know anything at first” to “I want this to be my fulltime passion” because of a certain circumstance revolving around the characters. This is usually expected from a cute girls doing cute things slice of life based Anime that primarily focuses on the characters and their interest to the subject of the show.

Koisuru Asteroid was a quite wholesome Anime that brought the love for Astronomy to its Audience, and it’s always nice to see an Anime doing something different in terms of the theme-related plot which is Astronomy in Koisuru Asteroid case, and I have no regrets watching. It’s not everyday, or even every year you come across a slice of life Anime especially being an Anime about Astronomy and it’s nice to see this made because it’s that “one of a kind” Anime that is well paced.

Koisuru Asteroid Revew: Its take on Astronomy and Science

Koisuru Asteroid does have quite the better take on Astronomy and other scientific fields like Geology or Meteorology. It showcases science as varied field of expertise in which you can decide whether to stray off to a focused field in science later in life where each characters introduced have different motives and interest towards Earth sciences, of course, Astronomy being one, then Meteorology and Geology displays how these fields may be vast in differences but can relate to each other in the end.

Astronomy or science in general are academical fields and the Anime doesn’t fail to show the academics of it. Taking exams like MCAT or other test relevancies to test the characters knowledge in the scientific fields. Representing these academical experiences in school, attending club-organized outdoor activities, going to a museum or joining a contest to win a spot for a sponsored camping event for aspiring Astronomy students.

The group of girls take a tour around a Japanese Space Museum (JAXA) that showcases some notable historical moments of Japanese space missions and other general international events of space exploration which was quite nice to see the excitement of the characters adventuring around the building and checking out space related subjects.

Slice of life Anime is fun because it represents life itself, and how individuals would react and no doubt the excitement of learning Astronomy and doing such activities depict the emotions one would feel if it was real life.

Koisuru Asteroid review: Conclusion

If you’re a fan of slice of life Animes that love watching cute girls doing cute things, then Koisuru Asteroid is the one for you, especially if Astronomy is listed as one of your interest which made it an Anime that was enjoyable to watch through one-sitting for me. Here’s hoping that Koisuru Asteroid season 2 comes out, or if any other Animes about Astronomy to release in the near future would be just as a great as well.

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