10 Best Korean Dramas to Watch That are Binge-Worthy

Best Korean Dramas to Watch: Korean Dramas, otherwise known as “K-drama”, have been a trend all around the world especially during this pandemic as it never fails to amuse and excite. Here is a list of the 11 best K-Dramas to watch that will get you addicted and longing for more and to top it off, most of the dramas listed are available in Netflix! Enjoy, saranghae!


Best K-Drama to watch

Remember: War of the Son

Remember: War of the Son revolves around Seo Jin Woo who is a passionate young lawyer with hyperthymesia which is a condition that allows him to remember past and recent events in perfect detail. This is the drama to watch for as the gripping story keeps the viewers on their feet with its dramatic plot that directs the rhythm of your heart consistently every episode.


There is an onerous goal and that is to save his father from the treachery of evil upperclassmen which fuels the determination, passion, and persistence of Lawyer Seo Jin Woo. This is a personal top favorite as the entire story and plot are just exemplary and well done and you might be able to adapt some of the delightful and redeeming quotes.

Doctor Stranger

Doctor Stranger is the type of drama that gets you on an unexpected rollercoaster ride that keeps you in your seat and wanting for more of the uncontrollable thrill. The main character is just a simple and fun nobody with a mysterious identity and background trying to earn an honest living but surrounded by a dark and sorrowful past .


This K-drama that gets often confused with the famous “Doctor Strange” Marvel icon is an exceptional story that is medically informative but it is just a small part of the entire jaw-dropping drama. Expect a lot of action, unconditional sacrifices, and pain all for the name of love.

Revolutionary Love

If you are looking for a drama that is filled with laughter and joy then Revolutionary Love is definitely for you! This fun drama is just a haven for positive vibes but we are also able to sympathize with the main character, Baek Joon, a hardworking sweet young lady that has a big dream and a big heart. Her struggles and tough experiences put a weight on our chest but her determination and dream make her more admirable.Revolutionary Love is a must watch RomCom that provides romantic excitement and enthusiasm. You’re gonna love it!


Crash Landing On You

Famously known as “CLOY”, Crash Landing On You lived up to its hype because of the adventure and action overload mixed in with irresistible romantic excitement. The story is divided by two different worlds but unexpectedly one accidentally got to the other (North Korea) and that’s when the whole course of the story changed. CLOY is a very exciting drama but also filled with some unhappy moments that the characters were forced to take against their hearts but overall it is one of the best korean dramas to watch, not to mention the beautiful and breathtaking sceneries from different settings in the drama. 


It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

IONTBO” is a sentimental drama with a well-built story and was one of the best Korean dramas to watch for its meaningful life lessons and perfected characters that raised mental health awareness. This drama is empathetic and the love for the impressive main characters increases every compelling episode. The tough love in the drama greatly complements the romance in the entire story which gets the delighted viewers wanting for more.


Descendants of The Sun

As fans would love to call it, “DOTS” is a romantic, action-packed drama that a new K-drama viewer would definitely enjoy. DOTS is a medical melodrama mixed in with the world of soldiers with an amazing plot that will get you hooked along with the great characters with interesting personalities. There is also heartache involved in the story so get your popcorn and tissue ready!


Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna is an interesting mysterious dark fantasy drama and was one of the best Korean dramas to watch in its time and even until now. The story is engrossing along with the hilarious romantic comedy that you will definitely love. Hotel Del Luna brings excitement and the different characters will take out the sympathy in us. The drama introduces new characters every now and then which makes it more interesting and captivating. The bizarre and mystifying background and past of the characters will hook you up all throughout the story and it is definitely a binge-worthy drama. Welcome to Hotel Del Luna!

Fight For My Way

If you are looking for the ultimate romantic comedy with an outstanding chemistry between the characters then this is the one for you! Fight For My Way is certainly the top of its class when it comes to romantic comedy dramas majorly because of the amazing chemistry of the main characters in the story. Every episode is highly entertaining and fun and the romantic excitement is just out of this world! This is a must watch and if you’re looking for a drama to start, then Fight For My Way is here and surely it will not disappoint. 

Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is one of the best Korean dramas to watch full of despair for most of the story which instills desperation not just for the main character but also for the viewers. The character build-up is just phenomenal and every episode takes you to a higher level. The longing for redemption in every episode is just the ultimate fantasy and cream of the crop. All kinds of emotion are present in this drama which is just amazing as it can take fans to sadness, redeeming joy, and even sorrow. Itaewon Class should be on your top list!

I Am Not A Robot

I Am Not A Robot story revolves around a person that has a peculiar condition that keeps him isolated from people. This romantic comedy drama has only a tiny bit of sci-fi and the story is filled with hilarious moments that will certainly amuse you and the frustration that the drama brings keeps the viewers on their feet. This drama will definitely get you bouncing in your room as we get to see exasperating deception that eventually causes real love. Be ready for endless frustration in exchange for the ultimate romance!


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