Amanchu Review: An Anime About Scuba Diving

Amanchu Review: Synopsis

The ocean can be a wonderful adventurous place to explore and experience for anyone, and Amanchu is here to show you why scuba diving is a joyful experience to try. The Anime starts off with a girl named Hikari Kohinata who lives near the ocean that makes her grow fond of the ocean that prompts her to spend the majority of her time scuba diving out in the sea. One day after a casual dive, a girl named Futaba Ooki riding on her scooter who recently migrated to a rural coastal caught a glimpse of Hikari down in the beach later to find out they would be classmates in school.


Amanchu Review: It depicts scuba diving well enough

Scuba diving is a fun recreational activity which also makes it an enjoyable profession to do scuba diving. Who doesn’t love the ocean and the marine life revolved around the underwater ecosystem? Amanchu shows the wonders of scuba diving to the Anime fans, and it’s awesome that way as a slice of life Anime because it does portray the field of scuba diving really well for any Enthusiast of marine interest.

What Amanchu does is bring a character who has no knowledge in scuba diving and introducing them to such a curious and interesting activity that would spark anyone’s passion for something to do which the main character ended up feeling because she was introduced to a world she had no idea of.

The Anime does a good job portraying the learning process, where you need text-book studies and swimming pool practice for diving to acquire a license, and how a beginner can generate these standard impulsive fears and anxiety that an individual may get before going to scuba dive officially and that adds realism to the Anime which not all slice of life Anime would be consistent with in depicting a field of interest.

Amanchu Review: Story and characters

Amanchu is an outdoor Iyashikei Anime, a “Healing Anime”, its aim is to not have a major goal and climax that brings forth action and suspense but a smoothing and laid-back atmosphere showcasing this relaxing normal life of the character. A sequence of entirely laid-back slice of life moments without the need of action or dramatic plot.


This is what makes Amanchu awesome because scuba diving is the perfect activity to revolve around this genre which showcases the fun and wonders of the experience you get by doing this recreational activity. The characters are all the more cute to watch with Hikari and Futaba interacting with one another being scuba diving partners in their ocean adventures and I enjoyed watching their development throughout the Anime.

Amanchu Review: The Anime is directed by Junichi Sato

Junichi Sato is an Anime director and is known for his “Healing anime”( Iyashikei Anime ). He has directed Slice of Life Animes like Aria the Animation, Tamayura and Sketchbook which are all iconic Iyashikei Anime in the community and Amanchu is no doubt to be the next great slice of life Anime. Amanchu brings a lot of heart-warming scenery, a calm and relax atmosphere with its outside and underwater environment with the occasional cute comedy it brings to the table.

Amanchu Review: The Art Animation

Amanchu does slightly have a different Art style compared to the typical Moe anime visuals in most Animes, the visuals are to follow as close as the manga art style and I do say, the Anime has pretty good standard high quality Animation for the most of the series which makes the scenery and action animations look rich and not cheap.

Though, one thing I personally did not like was the constant transitioning to a Chibi form art style in-between scenes with the real human form animation when a cute, or comedic skit plays out, which I would’ve liked less of that but I guess that’s just how it is in respect to wanting the Animation as close as the Moe chibi scenes presented in the manga series.

There’s a season 2

Amanchu has two seasons released, which makes it all the more better for an avid slice of life Anime fan to binge through this Anime series, and if you are really into the vibe of the slice of life Anime, you shouldn’t skip out on this as it’s probably one of the only chill scuba diving Anime you can ask for.

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