10 Amazing Demon Slayer Best Moments To Rewatch


Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is one of the recent animes that is excessively loved because of its amazing art and captivating story. The despairful story and the ongoing journey of the main characters got us wanting for more so let’s look into the Demon Slayer best moments.

Opening Scene (Tanjiro’s Family Death)

Kimetsu no Yaiba started typically with a slow, positive, and peaceful atmosphere then unexpectedly tragedy struck in an instant, taking a sharp turn in the story while inflicting despair and heartache into the viewers. The opening scene took the anime to a higher level through a troubled Tanjiro, a badly injured Nezuko, and a mysterious person wielding an intriguing sword.


“A man eating demon”

Yes, this anime is filled with horrifying demons that commit sickening acts that deserve to be punished without judgment. The helpless and lonely siblings do their best to survive in the midst of distress and the worst possible outcome happens: bumping into a “man eating demon” that creates a much worse atmosphere, aggravating the parlous situation of the main characters. We get to see the fearless siblings fight together for the first time and a mysterious man with a bizarre mask that has of really huge importance in this early stage of the story.

Total Concentration Breathing

Total Concentration breathing plays a major role in the story particularly for the protagonists. It is introduced when Tanjiro was tasked to slice a massive round boulder with his sword (yes, a solid rock) and is a major technique that is utilized by our heroes in their grueling quest against the awful demons. This technique brings out the art throughout the anime and fills enthusiasm and excitement into the viewers.


Demon Slayer Corps Final Selection

This is one of the most intense moments in the anime as the product of Tanjiro’s hardwork and rigorous training is tested through fighting actual demons! Tanjiro’s venture for vengeance and to become stronger is not one easy job. The main character had to go through hungry, relentless demons and bore the pain and the deaths of other frightened participants instilling anguish not just for Tanjiro but also for us committed viewers.


Muzan First Appearance

We were able to vividly connect this moment straight back to the heartbreaking and shocking opening episode as a troubled Tanjiro unexpectedly finds the “Man” who tremendously turned his and Nezuko’s lives around. The feeling of desperation, frustration, and disappointment swarmed Tanjiro and left the fans helpless and exasperated. 


Swamp Demons

Mysterious disappearances faintly concerned the town as the folks were oblivious about the constant vanishing of young women. People were also wondering why a young man with a nichirin blade and a strange box on his back is going around town performing uncanny gestures.


Despair and sorrow is consistent in the story but Tanjiro attests through his commitment and persistence that hope is never lost. The longing for justice and retribution fills this moment as Tanjiro and Nezuko face off against the treacherous and perverted Swamp Demons.

“Zenitsu, Get up!”

Zenitsu might have given us the impression as the overly troublesome and scaredy-cat guy in yellow but that entire perspective changed when he astonished us with his great power! Well, Zenitsu has not lost his panicky and jittery character but he showed to us and to the demons his tremendous potential. The scene displayed to us Zenitsu’s huge impact and importance in the story especially in Tanjiro’s grueling mission against the daunting demons.

Susamaru & Yahaba

These two tough demons were tasked by Muzan to get rid of Tanjiro and they really gave our main character a hard time but he was not left helpless as Nezuko who was getting stronger was by his side being the best admirable duo as they always are. We were supplied with one of the best fight scenes in the show with the awesome art and splendid animation. Those demons were pretty strong and they weren’t even close enough to Muzan’s top demons!


Spider Demon Mother

What’s worse than having to fight your own comrades while under attack? With the help of Inosuke, Tanjiro clashes off against his own helpless allies that are mysteriously controlled by a demon that is nowhere to be found. At this point, as much as the fans hate the demons, Tanjiro was full of sympathy not just for the people close to him but for the demons as well because of their awful, tragic, and painful backstories (yes, the demons actually have sad and traumatic pasts). We got to see in this event how Tanjiro gave the opponent the most painless and extenuating death possible which inspired us and filled our hearts with empathy.


Tanjiro vs Rui

We were blessed with one of the best ever animation and art in Anime epic battle history as Tanjiro and Nezuko finally faced the strongest ever demon in the arc. Rui is the first true demon moon that our heroes have encountered which makes him significant and important in the story but he is only part of the lower ranked moons and is proof that as Tanjiro and others go deeper in their impelling journey, the stronger the enemies they face.


The climax in the thrilling battle against Rui was the best ever in the anime as this part of spine-chilling clash gave the ultimate goosebumps as we get to see the most stunning and spectacular animation and art and the legendary moment dropped our mouths open and filled us up with intensity and excitement. This moment truly deserves a spot in Demon Slayer Best Moments list.


What is your favorite Demon Slayer Best Moments? Not listed here, comment down below.

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