7 Best Mecha Musume Animes You Need to Watch

Looking for the best mecha musume animes? You came to the right place because mecha musume animes are probably one of the most enjoyable genres that exist. Blending Anime girls and real life armament that is inspired by some kind of military gear, hardware or machine like ships, planes, tanks and anything along those lines. It makes things in real life look pretty cute if I say so myself. Here are the best mecha musume animes you need to watch.

Strike Witches

Strike Witches could be one of the best mecha musume animes in this list you need to watch, it’s also probably one of the most popular ones due to its large ongoing franchise in the anime industry. The Anime incorporates concepts of fighter planes from the world war 2 era and beyond into a piece of leg machinery that the female characters can wear called “Striker Units”. The premise of the anime begins in a post apocalyptic world where aliens have invaded Earth and the only way to beat them is with such Striker units, having the characters with magical powers to make the striker units function and battle the invaders.

Kantai Collection

Kantai Collection is a popular mecha musume anime in Japan involving girls and navy ships. Incorporating real life navy ships of the world war 2 era into wearable mechanical gear the characters have to wear. Just like strike witches, the premise starts off with the world being invaded by alienoid species that use the water for combat, and the only way to protect the world is for these special female characters to be able to equip such mechanical gear and fight the invaders.

Frame Arms Girl

Frame Arm Girls is a fun mecha musume anime series about humanoid robot action figures that have highly advance AI funtionality which are programed to fight with their mecha suits for the sports or fun of it with other Frame Arm Girls. Frame Arm Girls starts off with the main character recieving a package that contains the humanoid robot action figure making her interested in the world and hobby of Frame Arm Girls.

Azur Lane

Azur Lane is another one of the best mecha musume Animes to be mentioned on this list, just like Kantai collection, Azur Lane follows the themes of navy warships from the past era and blending that into mechanical gear for the characters to wear and battle an outside invader that mainly fights on sea. Azur Lane is also known for being a popular anime gacha game. It’s a big franchise as well with a huge lore around it, due to it being a more popular series globally compared to Kantai Collection’s popularity only being in Japan.



Anime Girls as guns?! Yes, Upotte!! is an anime the revolves around female characters that each of them representing real life guns from personality to behavior and it’s quite interesting. Upotte!! is a comedy ecchi anime with the premise of a slice of life high school anime, so if you’re into that, then it’s a recommended watch.

Dolls’ Frontline

Dolls’ Frontline takes place after a world that has been devastated by world war 3. Dolls Frontline is similar to upotte in which the female characters represent a real life gun, however these Dolls arent human and are basically android dolls in which their job is to fight for private military companies who’s job is to maintain peace in unstable countries. Just like Azur Lane, Dolls Frontline comes from a popular gacha game, and the lore, design and concepts behind it are pretty interesting and deep.

Infinite Stratos

Infinite Stratos could be one of the most watched mecha musume anime on this list, it had its era of being a dominating anime in popularity, and it still holds up as an enjoyable series. Infinite Stratos revolves around an exoskeleton weapon engineered by Japan, which can only be piloted by girls. Infinite Stratos is an ecchi comedy anime with sci-fi action, and if you’re into that, you should watch the anime.


If you know anymore mecha musume animes, comment down below!

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