What is Slice of Life Anime?

Ever wondered what slice of life anime is? I once did as well, although, the basic definition of it is what is obviously said, “slice of life”, however what is the deeper meaning of it, what exactly defines slice of life in an anime? This article breaks down the slice of life anime genre, and once you’re done reading, you will definitely know what exactly slice of life anime is and how amazing of a genre it is in the anime world.


What is slice of life exactly?

Slice of Life is a prominent genre in any forms of media in story-telling, be it from an anime, a movie, tv series, book, or any of the sorts that can tell a story depicting the life of a stories character as equal to what you would experience in real life yourself or anyone else. Slice of Life is a reoccuring genre in any form of media, whether its the main focus or a side theme. It’s one of the most popular genres most are familar with because it is what most can and will relate to in media.

So, what is slice of life Anime?

Slice of life anime is what you’d expect from the term, Slice-of-life. Slice of life in Anime can be shown as a plot-focused setting being in High School, College, or an Adult Working life. This can revolve around a characters relatable life showing their hardships, challenges and lifestyle of what you may typically expect from anyone in the real world.

There are a lot of slice of life animes like in the example below that can merge itself with other genres like Drama, Sports, Fantasy, and Musicals, in which gives the Slice of Life genre a whole field of choices and options for a viewer who is interested in Slice of Life. There being a wide variety to pick from and it is what makes slice of life anime such an awesome choice to be a fan of, for that variety.


The Benefits of Watching Slife of Life Anime

Slice of life can go a long way, and there are countless of Animes that revolve around the slice of life genre, so why watch slice of life animes? Simply because it’s a straightforward genre that you can typically relate to in all forms of style, whether it being told in a fantasy, sports, or a drama setting, its entirely relatable to the viewer and most of the time it can win the subjective side of a viewer to increase the emotional enjoyment of the series.


The Slice of Life genre is a good way in telling a story that can be meaningful to the viewer, teaching lessons, a hidden message, or anything of the sort. It can also soothe a viewers stress by presenting a relaxing story about a characters life, in what we call in Japanese, “iyashikei” meaning “healing”, a sub-genre called “healing anime”. Interested? Check out our article about the best iyashikei animes, so you can experience such relaxation and emotional satisfaction of such slice of life animes out there.

The downside of Slice of Life Anime

Most of the time slice of life anime can be very generic, predictable and overused in themes, plotline, and overall the storytelling of it, and that can be bad, but it can also be good. However, countless of Animes with the slice of life theme has been created over the years in the industry, so not much “originality” can be presented in animation.

However, the uniqueness in execution of the story still remains, and that can be a goodside. It’s not about the genericness of the plot, but the execution of it. Although, not many series can do such thing and rather stay with the “overused predictable formula”, but that’s the amazing thing of slice of life, it’s repetitively the same one way or another, just that the character portraying it is different and that as well is enjoyable by itself.

Just like in real life, everyone’s life is different, yet, many can have the same experience in living life. I view slice of life animes just the same, and the enjoyment factor, no matter how overused the plot can happen in a slice of life anime, the character is different, the setting is different, yet it feels all the same, and depending on what you want to expect, and how you enjoy your animes, this can be good or bad.


That’s About It

That’s all you need to know about slice of life anime, and what slice of life brings to the anime world. Want to share your opinion about the Slice of Life genre in anime or your favorite slice of life anime? Comment down below, we would like to hear it.

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