Will There Be a Bofuri Season 3?

With the end of Bofuri Season 2 on Winter 2023, the question now is, will there be a Bofuri Season 3? Bofuri has recieved quite a good of a feedback with the anime community, and has a decent score on MyAnimeList with the success of season 1, there was no doubt season 2 would be a hit as well with fans wanting more of the overpowered cute Maple and her guild companions adventuring around the MMO game being absolute powerful players. So, with the end of season 2, the question remains, will there be a Bofuri Season 3?


Bofuri Season 3 Expectations

There is no confirmed release date of a Bofuri Season 3, however, there will most likely be a season 3 due to the ending of season 2 introducing newer characters along with a new key visual showcasing the newly introduced characters. Even then, there is really no confirmed announcement about a season 3, but the ending and new key visual is a sign of itself, so there’s at least huge hope for a bofuri season 3 to come in the future. All we have to do is wait for an actual announcement to hit the final nail of confirmation.

Bofuri Synopsis

Bofuri, or “I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense.” is a slice-of-life anime about a girl named Maple, that was told to play a virtual reality video game by one of her close friends called New World Online. Stepping into a world of VRMMO gaming for the first time, she has no clue what to do, therefore putting all her character stat points into vitality hoping to never get hurt. Having no other points contributed to other stats, this has suprisingly caused Maple to have a very strong defensive power causing her to endure high damage attacks from players and enemy monsters.

This has spiraled into a domino effect of her luckily acquiring overpowered skills due to completing niche hidden questlines leading her to even more power and strengths all the while still having a superior defensive power. Bofuri is an awesome anime, and it’s a highly entertaining series for anyone who enjoys animes like Sword Art Online with VRMMO themes. Unlike other VRMMO themed animes, Bofuri is a more lighthearted comedy slice of life anime which is the main reason for its popularity because it’s hilariously silly most of the time. If you have stumbled upon this article without watching bofuri, then you should and join the waiting room for a Bofuri season 3.

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