Suicide Squad Isekai – Harley Quinn Anime Coming Soon

At Anime Expo 2023, The Warner Bros Japan, and Wit Studio Panel just announced a new anime project titled Suicide Squad Isekai. They have also revealed a key visual and an announcement video of the upcoming animation. Just by hearing Suicide Squad, it immediately reminds us of Harley Quinn, and the Joker from the DC universe which has excited countless of fans around the world.

With this surprising news, the Suicide Squad Anime is bringing a lot of expectations to the table since its from the DC universe, and most of the time DC content turns out to be in western animation, so it’s definitely a surprise. Check out this amazing key visual art.

Though not much has been revealed apart from the announcement video trailer and a key visual, but it’s by far enough to get us hyped for the upcoming anime. I mean, Harley Quinn and Joker in a japanese styled animation? That’s pretty awesome, hopefully this series turns out to be great and we will get to know more information about the series soon. In the meanwhile, check out their awesome promotional video trailer:

What we know about the staff working on Suicide Squad Isekai?

Based on their website, the announced staffs that will be working on the upcoming Suicide Squad Anime are:

Director: Eri Osada
Screenplay: Tappei Nagatsuki & Eiji Umehara
Character Design: Naoto Hosoda
Music: Kenichiro Suehiro

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