Best Roblox Horror Games That Will Scare You

Looking for the best Roblox horror games? Roblox has been one of the most popular games for a long time due to its target market being younger audiences, although surprisingly the game has manage to attract older audiences throughout the years simply because the game is just simply fun, easy to install and can run in most computers. Roblox has a range of different types of custom made games developed by the community, and Horror is definitely one of the most popular genres in the Roblox gaming category.

Despite Roblox low graphics, the horror games developed in Roblox has managed to scare tons of players worldwide, causing the game to trend globally among communities, and social groups. With a ton of games being released on Roblox everyday, you’re probably wondering, what are the best Roblox horror games that will scare you? As of the making of this article, here are the best Roblox horror games to play right now.

The Mimic

The Mimic has gained quite the popularity over the years since its release on the Roblox platform and has recieved major positive feedback within the Roblox community. The Mimic was praised for its creepy atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and the sense of tension it creates with its jumpscares, it has trended over multiple times on Youtube and Twitch and it has recently released its Chapter 2 of the game, and a chapter 3 that is currently in the works as of the making of this article. It’s a highly recommended roblox horror game, so give it a try.


If you love “the backrooms”, you might like this, Apeirophobia caters around the concept of horrifying endless rooms feeling that you are forever stuck and trapped within confined spaces while mysteriously being watched by an unknown entity. The gameplay of Aperiophobia entirely revolves around escaping, hiding and solving puzzles, and the scare factor is pretty decent if caught unaware. It still has quite the popularity on the roblox platform, so give it a go.


Doors is another one of the best Roblox horror games that have trended among Youtubers and influencers alike. It’s quite a popular roblox horror game due to its suspensful gameplay that keeps you on your toes. Having to continuously open doors to advance further and escape in whatever place you are trapped in, there is a lurky shadow that will appear out of nowhere to stop you from doing your objectives. It’s quite a unique take on roblox horror games, so give it a go, it’s very fun.

Dead Silence

If you love horror games like the Mimic, and just the overall lore and exploration with a very scary atmosphere and gameplay, then Dead Silence should be a fun game that will satisfy your hunger for horror. Dead silence is claimed to be the scariest game on Roblox, and actually has been ranked #1 as the scariest roblox horror game on the platform. So it’s definitely a game worth playing if you’re looking for the best Roblox horror game.


With over 2 chapters already, and a possibly new chapter 3 if the game gets 100k likes on its roblox page. Elmira is another creepy horror game that starts off with the player waking up on a bus during a school trip, realizing everyone is missing and noticing only a creepy abandoned hospital that is near you. This game possibly belongs to be up in the most scariest games on Roblox, with the lore, sound design and just overall suspenseful gameplay that you get from playing is quite top tier. Give it a try, and a like if you want a chapter 3 to be developed.

Rainbow Friends

Claimed to be only “mildly scary”, however that doesn’t stop this game from gaining a lot of popularity. Having over 1 milllion likes on their page, Rainbow Friends has grown to be one of the most played horror games on the platform. The game is made to be focused more on the younger audience without having too much of a scare factor built into the gameplay. It focuses more on the fun aspect of the horror game, and if there was ever a fear factor for anyone, it wont last pretty long, however the game is still fun and is worth giving a short even for its mild horror.

Alone in the Dark House

Alone in the Dark House has over 150k likes on its page, and the best thing about it is that it has VR support, yes, you can play this roblox horror game in VR. This horror game has been out since 2020, so it’s quite old in terms of mechanics, and graphics, however is still an awesome horror gameplay experience, so if you’re seeking the full experience of Roblox horror games out there, this should be on your list.


Another Roblox Horror Game to give you a scare, Bewildered has gained over 30k likes on it page. The game may not be unique or groundbreaking, it is however still fun with its gameplay, level design, and lore. If you’re weak to horror, this game can terrify you a lot, and has done so with quite alot of Youtubers already.


If you’re into the Japanese horror lore, Geisha should definitely be on your list. Japanese horror concepts have always been the scariest themes, and Geisha, a Roblox Horror Game does not fail to show you that. The gameplay experience is quite a fun and awesome one to be in, and is definitely worth the playthrough.

The Maze

Last on this list, The Maze is a popular Roblox horror game on the platform, having over 300k+ likes. Can’t have a horror game without a maze theme, right? The maze is quite an old game, and the graphics isn’t up there in terms of the Mimic or anything similar, however, the gameplay delivers, it is horrifying, and has been enjoyed by thousands of roblox players in the community, so it is another highly recommended playthrough.

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