10 Best Ships in Genshin Impact to Support Right Now

Looking for the best ships in Genshin Impact among the community? We got you covered as there is quite a lot of ships in genshin impact, and all of them being great combinations, but here are the most popular ships in genshin impact to support right now, and join in on the fandom as they’ll get you excited and filled with love.

Genshin Impact is known for their good-looking designed characters, and amazing story developments, so, it’s quite normal for alot of fandom ships to exist amongst all the existing playable characters in the game and many of them having a lot of fan art as well. Although, we may not get all of them into the top 10, here are at least 10 worthy and most popular well-known community fandomships shared on social media from fan-fiction and fan-art creations.


Diluc x Jean (Jeanluc)

Diluc X Jean has been the most prominent and best ship in Genshin Impact until now. They were the first ever characters to be released in the game, and has remained to be the top genshin characters to ship and for their longeitivity which the ship has grown a large fanbase ever since. Jeanluc are amazing simply designed characters from mondstadt and have the “parental” vibe check when it comes to pairing them around characters such as Klee which makes the pairing look even better.

Raiden Ei x Yae Miko (EiMiko)

Due to a bit of lore, Raiden Ei X Yae Miko are one of the most popular best ships in Genshin Impact among the Inazuma characters as their relationship within the game exist to being close partners and friends. We can’t all ignore that Inazuma was the most hyped update in Genshin Impact with Raiden Ei making it more exciting, a greatly designed character and an emotional personality that she has, and all the more Yae Miko comes to helping her friend in her time of need making them a shippable duo.

Thoma x Kamisato Ayaka (Thomaya)

Although, in canon, they remain to be very close friends, but due to them being relatively close, people can’t help to ship Thoma with Ayaka over the countless interactions they had in the game’s story. Thomaya has been one of the best ships in Genshin Impact ever since they were announced in close beta, and the fandom are still active in the community with countless fanarts to go around.

Screenshot Source: Reddit

Beidou and Ningguang (Beiguan)

Beidou and Ningguang are like the “mature ara-ara” ladies in this game, and is obvious why they are shipped because they just look great together as both strong girls, aside from that, they do have a lot of frequent interactions in the game’s story. They are known to be good friends, and best business partners that occassionally hangout with each other from chess to drinking and highly respect each other in every way.

Xingqiu x Chongyun (Xingyun)

A lot of girl players do prefer to ship these two quite a lot as they are the “cute” male types, especially having a handful of story interactions, as it seems like they’re very friendly with one another and showcases that they are best or close friends. They are often seen hanging out with each other and often pulling pranks on each other for fun.


Arataki Itto x Kujou Sara (IttoSara)

Arataki Itto x Kujou Sara is another popular genshin impact ship as most find them both desirable due to their development and moments in the game’s story. Where they are always seen fighting one another, teasing or bickering like a crush couple or “frenemies” . Although, in the game they may “hate” each other, they do look great together in the fanarts and their story interactions is probably what has made players ship them both.

Childe x Zhongli (ChiLi)

I’d be lying if this wasn’t one of the best ships in genshin impact among the female playerbase in genshin impact. One of the most popular genshin impact ships with quite alot of fanart in the community. This duo and their “daddy” looks are very appealing to a lot of players, and make a great duo between them with their interactions in the game.

Keqing x Ganyu (Ganqing)

Another one of the best ships in genshin impact to be widely popular among the community fanarts are these two. Keqing and Ganyu do hold quite a lot of fandom support, even alone they are great characters and very popular within the genshin community. To combine ship both hugely cute and amazingly designed characters makes them a powerhouse.

Childe x Lumi (ChilLumi)

Let’s be real, they look hella cute together. ChiLumi is probably one of the best ships in Genshin Impact that is vastly popular among the fandom of Genshin and has gained popularity ever since their interactions became more frequent in the game’s story. They bump into each other quite alot and have a “frienemy” sort of relationship.

Yae Miko x Ayato (Yaeyato)

The Yae and Ayato ship is a newly created fandom ship in the community after the release of Ayato as they perfectly look great together in fanarts, and overall strong aura of being together due to their “adultish” attractiveness. They do look great together and is no surprise why they have caught the communities attention to ship them both.

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If you think there are other ships out there that should be in the top 10, comment down below.

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