7 Best Anime Mobile Games You Should Try

Are you looking for a game to play on the mobile phone or how about just wanting to playing any anime game for the mobile phone? Anime games on the mobile phone could be more fun than any of the other games that aren’t anime. You don’t have to understand the storyline of the anime, you could just go through it to understand the gameplay. Sometimes there might be anime games that are hard to play and you might not want to try it out right away. Here are some anime mobile games that you should check out:

Pokémon Go

Have you heard about Pokémon Go during the recent years and never played it? Well, Pokémon Go is like the anime itself: Pokémon! You catch, train, trade, collect… etc all in the mobile game! Pokémon Go is meant to have the trainer to be walking just like viewers sees the characters doing in the anime series. It’s a fun game where people of all ages could make new friends and be socialable. You can play Pokémon Go the whole day as there’s no certain lives or even level. It’s a popular Pokémon game and one that a person should look into.


Bang Dream

Bang Dream is a rhythm anime mobile game. For those who don’t know, Bang Dream is an anime series about a group of students becoming popular with their music group after a concert. The game itself you have to press the keys to the rhythm of the song on the screen when playing the game. If you heard about DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), it’s like that but you use your fingers and phone. The songs are in Japanese but it’s really a fun game and you could get addicted to it. The music is great to listen to even if you haven’t seen the anime. 


Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

The anime mobile game is based off of the anime series: Yu-gi-oh which is a card game series. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links has the original Yu-Gi-Oh gameplay up to the recent Yu-Gi-Oh series. If you’ve been wanting to learn the card game, the mobile game has tutorials and will be able to teach you how to play. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is enjoyed by many fans around the world. You don’t need to know about Yu-Gi-Oh as Duel Links has a story mode where a player could enjoy the game and understand what’s going on. Once you get the hang of the game, you might even start playing the game in real life: collect, trade and play!

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage

A lot of otaku fans probably know about the Naruto and Boruto anime series that’s so popular and so, it isn’t a surprise that there’s s a mobile game. It’s a fighting game where you can play different characters from the manga and anime. Just like other anime games, there’s a story mode if you want to follow through if you don’t watch or read either of the series. It’s a fun way to past the time and even though there’s not a lot of missions, you can play against the computer or find different players online. It’s a different fighting game than the others you might know.

Genshin Impact

Do you want to play an anime game where there’s no series? Have you heard about Genshin Impact where a lot of players were saying it’s like Zelda? Well, Genshin Impact is still a popular game and where a player should check it out. Just like Zelda, it is an open world role-playing game. It’s also like the game Final Fantasy, where you play different characters and level up the characters by fighting on trying to get home. It’s a fun game where you’ll be spending countless of hours playing the game and making the characters stronger.

Pokémon Unite

What’s so different with Pokémon Unite than the other Pokémon games? It’s kind of like Pokémon but you work together in a group and battle each other out under a time limit. You can even catch Pokémon but also being under a time limit. What’s the point of this game? To have the highest score with your team. If you want something different from the gameplay of Pokémon, this mobile game may be it for you. You battle each other out to see who is the last one standing. It’s a fun game and fairly new to the Pokémon game series. 

Fate / Grand Order (English)

If you’re into anime, you probably heard about the Fate anime series. If you heard about the anime series, did you know there’s a mobile game for it called Fate / Grand Order (English)? Just like any anime mobile games, this game will let you indulge into it for many hours. What it’s about? Your character time travels to th past and you have to make everything right. The game is not for beginners but if you want to try another new anime game, this will put you back right in even if some stuff may be confusing to you. It’s a fighting game, where you level up your team and be able to go through obstacles. 

Playing anime games on the mobile phone can be fun and addicting. You can spend countless hours of the game without noticing the time. Unlike most games, some anime games could be connected to other games with the storyline. There’s anime games on the mobile phone that has beautiful animation and graphics that you just want to see it through as you play. If you want to play games on the mobile phone, anime games like what we listed in article are definitely worth checking out!

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