All Sumeru Characters in Genshin Impact That You Need To Know

All-Sumeru-Characters-in-Genshin Impact

Looking for All Sumeru Characters in Genshin Impact that you can play? Don’t worry as we made you a list of all the playable sumeru characters in Genshin Impact, so you can enjoy them as much as I do. Sumeru has been one of the most trending regions to come out in the Genshin Impact world and players are wanting to know all about the characters, and if they are playable for their collection or team composition. Check them out below.

Lesser Lord Kusanali

Lesser Lord Kusanali is the dendro archon in genshin impact and also goes by the name Nahida, she is one of the youngest and newest among the seven archons. Said to recently have taken the position of the former archon, the Gods of the Woods that died during the cataclysm that happened five-hundred years ago.


Cyno is one of the known electro characters from Sumeru due to the past leaks involving him and his appearance in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview, he wears a fox-like helmet and uses a polearm. Cyno is a scholar from the Sumeru Academia, assuming to be knowledgeable in a lot of fields and has been shown to be relatively close with Collei.


Collei is one of the main characters you’ll be seeing in Sumeru that is playable, she is one of the first playable dendro characters in Genshin Impact. Lore wise, she is a victim of the Fatui’s human experimentation, and despite her dark past, she has tried to make her life better after meeting Amber. Just like amber who scouts the mondstadt forests, Collei does the same and is a forest ranger trainee in the Avidya Forest.


Nilou is a popular hydro character that came out during in the Sumeru release. She is portrayed to be a normal girl that is sweat, warming and always smiling when approached. Just like every region with their ethusiastic dancing character, she is the character in the region that loves to dance among the rest of the sumeru characters in Genshin Impact and in most cases turns whoever that watches her go into a sort of trance-like state.


Dori is a playable character in Sumeru, and is known to be a popular merchant and owner of theThe Palace of Alcazarzaray. She is an electro character spotting purple clothes and pink hair, and is also similarly compared to be the “Ningguang” of Sumeru.


Tighnari is another playable 5 star dendro character in Sumeru that uses the bow as a weapon. He is known to be apart of the Forest Rangers like Collei, in where he is a forest watcher in Grandhara Village that is within the Avidya Forest.


Dehya appears as a NPC character, but rumored to be a playable character. She is said to be a mercenary of the Eremites, a group of mercenceries that conduct business all over teyvat. She is also a very popular character due to her feline apperance, and overall character design.


Candace is an interesting 4 star character and personally looks a lot better than a few 5 stars. She comes equipped with a polearm and a shield as a weapon, making her design and animations interesting to watch. She is said to be a descendant of King Deshret, having the ability to summon sandstorms while in the desert.

Sumeru is still a new region that came out in Genshin, so for sure this isn’t the last of the characters to come, as just like any region, Mihoyo will add more to the Sumeru character line-up, and it will be an exciting update to come. For now these are the all the sumeru characters in Genshin Impact that you can play.

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