The 5 Star Trek Alcoholic Beverages

Are you a trekkie? Have you’ve wondered what the most popular alcoholic beverage drinks are in Star Trek or what about if the drinks were in real life and you want to buy one for yourself? We have seen in TV series or in movies that many of the foods or beverages were either props or just made up recipes. However there’s some beverages in the Star Trek universe that would probably be a surprise to you if you’re a trekkie or not. Check out the list of Star Trek Alcoholic Beverages below and see if you do recognize something.

Andorian Ale

The Andorian Ale drink was first seen during Star Trek Enterprise in the episode of Cease Fire. It is a drink that Captain Jonathan Archer and Commander Shran would drink throughout the series and Captain Archer became fond of it. There is a counterpart of the drink in real life called “The Androian Blue” where both drinks have the color of blue. The Andorian Ale was even seen in Star Trek Deep Space Nine for a little bit. Hence the name of the drink, it was the Andorian’s species that made the drink. They weren’t fond of humans until they met Captain Archer and his crew where they somewhat became allies. 



The Kanar is a drink from the Cardassian people. The drink was mostly seen in the series of Star Trek Deep Space Nine within Quark’s bar. The drink was first mentioned in Star Trek The Next Generation episode: The Wounded. In real life, the drink has the same name and somewhat possibly the same thickness to it. Kanar is made by the Cardassian people and if you wanted to have a taste of it, you would probably have to go to either the Cardassian homeworld or to Deep Space Nine station. 

Romulan Ale

The Romulan Ale was first mentioned in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In the Star Trek series, the drink is highly illegal and there were even some places that were banned for it. The Romulan Ale is made by the Romulan people, hence the name. The drink is a intoxic alcoholic beverage and in real life there is no such thing to buy it from. However, drinks were named after the romulan ale. For instance: an energy drink is named after the infamous romulan ale, and there’s even a recipe online that you can even make it your own. 

Blood Wine

The Blood Wine is a drink that was made for the Klingon’s. It’s a popular drink for its people and it could be intoxicating. It’s a highly intoxicating drink that even some Klingon’s couldn’t bear to be able to drink all the Blood Wine that’s in their cup. The drink was first seen in the episode “A Matter of Honor” in Star Trek The Next Generation. There is an actual drink of the same name in real life where you could buy it online. However, unlike in the Star Trek series, the percentage of alcohol is low to 13% ABV and some humans are able to tolerate it.

Samarian Sunset 

The Samarian Sunset is a beautiful alcohol drink that was only seen two times in the Star Trek series: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. There is a recipe online where you can make your own Samarian Sunset but there is no bottle of wine or bottle for someone to be able to buy one. It is even unknown who made the Samarian Sunset drink and very little is known about it within the Star Trek series. It’s one of those mysterious drinks that viewers would have to guess that the drink is popular with women because of Deanna Troi and Natima Lang. 

Were you surprised by the outcome? Have you recognised these drinks throughout the Star Trek series or heard of them? 2 / 5 of the drinks are not buyable but there are recipes online where trekkies could try to make it like the one in the Star Trek series. The drinks are alcoholic drinks of course and the percentage could either be high or low. Even if you aren’t a trekkie, you can always try and taste the drink if you like it or not, that is, if you can find it to buy online. Check out the drink that you want and enjoy it.

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