5 Best Marvel Series That Is A Must See!

Are you a Marvel fan? Do you want to watch something Marvel that isn’t a movie? Why not try watching their series? The Marvel series could be part of the MCU as it has references to the movies even for just a little bit. It could have details that the movies don’t show and the series could have more action-packed scenes or even romance. However you don’t have to watch the Marvel series to be able to understand the movies unless you really want to. If you watch the Marvel series, it could be more understanding to the movies for you if they’re connected to one another. Here are some series that you should watch that are Marvel and that could be enjoyable for everyone or not.


Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D

S.H.I.E.L.D known as Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistic Division was once run by Director Nick Fury but was passed down to Phil Coulson. It’s a group where they recruit agents that are good in the field or have special abilities, they protect people from threats or events. S.H.I.E.L.D even went up against the once known Hydra as their belief was completely opposite from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was known back in 2008 with Iron Man by Nick Fury but things have changed since then. Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D series has 7 seasons and it is one of the most popular, best marvel series to watch as the series sometimes coincides with the movies. The series is meant for teens and above as it has violence, sexual and drugs.


If you have been following the Marvel movies since 2008 or have started watching recently, you’ll probably know what the Loki series may be about. The Loki series is about the god of mischief himself. Loki could be suitable for young kids even though it has a rating for PG-14 but should be watched with family. During Avengers Endgame, the timeline has been disrupted as Loki picked up the tesseract and went somewhere else. Thus that’s where the Loki series begins with Loki being in the TVA organization.

The series coincides with the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) phase four movies but viewers who don’t have DisneyPlus don’t have to watch it unless he/she wants to. The Loki series introduces new characters and a new antagonist, also having awesome music to listen to and as of right now, the Loki series is still popular and still number one as the most watched Marvel series on DisneyPlus even for one season.


Daredevil is about a young kid who goes blind one day and starts to fight crime at night in New York City. Years later, he is still fighting crime but is now an attorney during the day. The series is a good series to watch and has something different for a superhero movie. The soundtrack of Daredevil series is catchy and the series only has 3 seasons, so it is possible that someone could binge watch the series. It’s also understandable once you start watching Daredevil and not really confusing in most parts. Daredevil is part of MCU and has mentioned one of the avengers within the series. Not many people know about Daredevil being in the MCU why is why you should check it out. Daredevil is rated M since it’s darker than the other Marvel series.


It tells the story of Wanda and Vision after the movie Avengers Endgame and viewers would see that they’re living in a normal life or so they think. Viewers will know that something is wrong right away and that a new organization called S.W.O.R.D is involved. The series is friendly and anyone who as young kids could watch the series and not get bored. You’ll be asking yourself the question, “who is controlling the place?”. WandaVision is like a mystery series until the end and has a surprising twist on who it may be. It’s PG-13 and thus it could be watched by young kids with family members nearby. WandaVision can get emotional throughout the series because it happened after Avengers Endgame and it is a story about Wanda and Vision, so be prepared for any argument or crying scenes.

Jessica Jones

A woman who has powers within her goes up against Kilgrave until she murdered someone, and since then, she became an investigator until Kilgrave came back. Even though the series only has three seasons, it is part of the MCU as there are mentions of the avengers within a few episodes and the battle of New York. Jessica Jones was a popular series on Netflix but for some reason, Netflix have cancelled it. Besides being a superhero series, you can see the drama, suspense and thriller that the series has and there’s more genres. This is a must-see series that is still quite a bit popular even if it’s cancelled. However the series is not for kids since it has violence, drugs, sex and rape.

Not all Marvel series are suitable for certain ages and thus you have to look first on what the rating may be. Even if it’s for a certain age, the Marvel series and movies are connected to each other, whether if it’s a reference to a certain event or to a certain superhero. The Marvel series has action-packed scenes, romance, thriller, and so on where you won’t be bored right away once you start watching the series. It’s understandable even if you haven’t seen any Marvel series until now, it’s not confusing right away if you watch a couple of episodes. If you want to watch a series that is different from what you’re watching, Marvel is the place to start with something new. There’s a lot of people who watch the Marvel series and you aren’t alone in watching.

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