6 Anime Movies You Should Watch

Are you looking for a good anime movie to watch or what about a movie that is nostalgic for you? There’s so many good anime movies that it’s hard to look and choose one! Anime movies are fun to watch and a lot of them have sequels, prequels and even a series. The animation within movies is even quite good and it isn’t like the series. Here are some anime movies that you should check out!


1. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal

A total solar eclipse started on Earth and the sailor guardians had to reunite to be able to save Earth from the darkness. It’s a 2021 Sailor Moon movie and if you want to relive the nostalgia of Sailor Moon, you should watch this movie. The animation is beautiful and the opening song is awesome to listen to as the performer returns to the sailor moon franchise. Even if you’re an adult, Sailor Moon Eternal won’t leave you hanging as you want even more after the movie. There’s a lot of action and the storyline isn’t too cliché and understandable even if you haven’t watched the Sailor Moon franchise. Check out the anime movie if you’re able to see it!

2. Belle: Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime

A high school student who spends most of her time in a virtual world and becomes a singer, she meets an unknown creature and both of them find out who they really are. Belle: Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime is sort of like the Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast but with a bit of a twist. It could get a bit confusing on what’s going on at first, but the movie is understandable and enjoyable. The music is great to listen to and the animation is quite beautiful. If you don’t have anything to watch for an anime movie, you should check this movie out as it is quite different and give it a chance.

3. Ryouma! Shinsei Tennis no Ouji-Sama

It’s an original storyline from the anime Prince of Tennis. It takes place after the Prince of Tennis anime where Ryoma will time travel somehow and sees his father playing tennis when he was young in Hollywood. However something bad happens and Ryoma must work with his father. Why should you watch Ryouma! Shinsei Tennis no Ouji-Sama? For one thing, it is in 3D animation style and I know a lot of anime fans don’t like 3D style, but it is something different for the Prince of Tennis anime after 22 years. The film was supposed to be released last year, but due to covid19, it got delayed and pushed back to this year. If you’re a fan of the Prince of Tennis anime, check out this anime movie as it could give you nostalgia!

4. Pokemon: Koko

Pokemon: Koko is about a boy named Koko that thinks he is a Pokemon and is raised by the Mythical Pokemon Zarude within the jungle and they meet Ash Ketchum one day. Thanks to the pandemic, the movie was delayed in Japan until the end of last year but it should be having a U.S. release soon in 2021. Kids and adults might be comparing this movie to Tarzan because the concept is alike, however it is Pokemon and not a Disney movie. Thus if you see the trailer on Youtube, the animation is quite beautiful and it looks like a fun movie to watch for the entire family. If you haven’t watched Pokemon, the movie is easily understandable for anyone.

5. Bang Dream 2nd Film Live

If you watched the Bang Dream anime series, the 2nd film live movie won’t be confusing. Technically it’s about all the bands joining on stage to do a live concert with new songs, the movie is sequel to the 1st film live. Bang Dream movie could be a good movie if you like
listening to Japanese songs. The movie is in 3D animation style and Bang Dream has been in 3D animation since the second season. Both parts of the movies take place after the third season but it isn’t hard to understand the storyline as you’ll know what’s going on easily. Check out the movie as it has been recently released in Japan. Besides the movie, the songs are awesome to listen to and you’ll get into the movie once you hear the songs. Even if you haven’t seen the series of Bang Dream, you should give it a chance as it is quite popular.

6. Weathering With You

A high school student befriends an orphan girl who controls the weather. Weathering With You is one of those anime movies that you should definitely watch. Why? It has beautiful animation, the music is awesome to listen to and the storyline is different with a bit of a twist. Weathering With You would get you interested right away in the movie and you wouldn’t be bored or confused on what’s going on. Even if you don’t like anime movies or series, you should look into this movie when you have the time. It could get emotional throughout the movie as it is mostly sort of a love story throughout. If you understand the movie, there’s a hidden life message for
anyone that has watched this movie. It’s a good movie and it was one of the best anime movies within that year.

Were you able to find a movie that you like?

The new anime movies are starting to be 3D animation and there’s anime fans that may or may not like the concept. However, anime movies are enjoyable as you get to see the anime expand into more ways than the series itself. Even if the anime movie is nostalgic it takes you back to a time where it was part of your childhood. What could be more fun to watch? Anime movies or anime series? It all depends on the movie that you chose to watch if it has a long or short series or if it does have a series.

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