10 Best Websites in Where to Buy Cheap Anime Figures

Wondering where to buy cheap anime figures? Anime figures are something that is awesome to own, whether you want to display it somewhere, have it on your desk to admire, or brag to your friends about your collection. Collecting Anime Figures is an awesome hobby to get into, sadly not everyone can afford it, especially if its an original product.

Since most of the high quality anime figures coming straight from the original suppliers are very pricey. Thankfully, there are websites to buy cheap anime figures from, be it a second hand, bootleg fakes, or just a really good discounted product. Here are the best websites to buy cheap anime figures. Don’t worry we will put a small description if the site contains bootlegs as far as we are aware, if you’re not into bootlegs.


Crunchyroll is known as the go-to anime streaming website for a lot of people. However, Crunchyroll does offer a store that sells anime merchandise including Anime Figures and can be a great place in where to buy cheap anime figures. They sell a range of priced anime figures from cheap to expensive prices, and there are quite a number of cheap anime figures on the Crunchyroll store to look out for.

Solaris Japan

Solaris Japan as said on their website has been a leading international store and retailer for anime such as anime figures. The prices are fairly reasonable, and Solaris Japan is a reputable brand for many around the world. They are always up to date with thew new releases, and you can even pre-order anime figures from them.

HLJ – Hobbylink Japan

HLJ or Hobbylink Japan is a 20 year old anime merchandise online retailer based in Japan that provides a variety of anime products ranging from anime figures, gundam, other models and products for the anime community. When we say variety, there is a lot of it, specified on their site they have over 120,000 products available to be shipped to over 220 countries. They do have a very a reputable standing in the community, though their shipping fees can be pricey.


Amazon has been a great place to find deals of anything, and anime figures is one of them, from bootlegs to originals, and since Amazon is one of the worlds largest online retailer, you can find a range of quality made anime figures from originals to bootlegs. Although, sometimes a discount can happen, Amazon is quite pricey for most for their shipping fees, but set aside the shipping fee, you can find pretty good deals on anime figures or any other merchandise on their site.

Warning: potential anime bootlegs can be bought from here

RightStuf Anime

RightStuf Anime is a website that offers a wide selection of anime merchandise from anime, mangas, and collectible figures. They offer free shipping to certain regions like US or Canada when the shopping cart reaches a certain price tag. They also constantly have discounted offers for their products, along with seasonal sales. RightStuf Anime is a reputable place, so have a look around!

Tokyo Otaku Mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode is an awesome tokyo located online retailer to buy anime figures from. They offer a wide variety selection of anything anime related and are known for their vast selection of anime merchandise including Anime Figures, good shipping options, an awesome membership program and pre-ordering capabilities.

Animate Shop

Animate is one of Japans largest online retailers for Anime merch, books, and other collectibles, it was made to cater to international customers, and provide the capable international shipping straight from Japan. They have a huge selection of anime content for purchase in their inventory, although their anime figures may be costly, and expensive, they do offer the occasional discounts and sales, so you can get a relatively expensive one for a cheaper price at some point.


AmiAmi is a recommended online retailer in where to buy cheap anime figures that are authentic and affordable from a variety of stores. Just like most websites, you can pre-order upcoming products on their website, but what makes AmiAmi different is that you can purchase pre-owned (second hand) anime figures from their website, since they have a specific categorized page for it. So, if you lack the budget for an authentic item, then finding a cheap pre-owned item is a great option for you.


Alibaba is one of the biggest chinese online suppliers that provides all kinds of merchandise for anyone looking for cheap and decently quality made products. Thankfully, Anime figures are available and found on Alibaba, as it is a highly demanded hobby in China. Unfortunately, some might be fake, or if not, all, although if you don’t mind owning a bootleg item of your favorite character, then buying from a large chinese supplier that can provide you with a range of products is the way to go.

Warning: Bootleg items as far as Anime figures are concerned.


Aliexpress is another chinese online shopping hub that retails all kinds of products, with this being Anime figures included in their large part of product variety available, it’s pretty easy to find available anime figures and merchandise for sale on Aliexpress. Again, of course, mostly being bootlegs, it is still an awesome alternative for anyone seeking the cheapest way in delving into the hobby of anime figures or acquiring one for a simple display on their table.

Warning: Bootleg items as far as Anime figures are concerned.

aliexpress-Where to Buy Cheap Anime Figures

If you know anymore websites, or places to in where to buy cheap anime figures comment down below. We do not promote the purchasing of bootleg anime figures, however, if one’s finances cannot support such hobby, even when buying second-hand authentic items, “the bootleg choice”, is an acceptable alternative willing to be experienced in order to be introduced into the world of anime figures, so you can be motivated to buy an authentic one next time in the future. If you have a favorite place to buy cheap anime figures and want to share your expereince, feel free to comment.

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