6 Best Honkai Star Rail Songs To Listen To Right Now

The best honkai star rail songs is truly a subjective one, however, there are a lot of soundtracks that manage to bring global attention to it, and make the community adore Hoyoverse once again for their amazing musical production. And that’s why I love Hoyoverse, it is because they can make the best songs in the gaming industry, where it’s memorable and pure sound quality in instruments and vocals.

Either it being from Honkai Star Rail, Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact, all across the board, Hoyoverse can provide great quality songs to listen to backed by an awesome cutscene, or memorable moment in their video games. This article is here to provide you a quick list of the best Honkai Star Rail songs and H to listen to and are the most popular amongst the community.


The Wildfire Honkai: Star Rail ost is one the first Boss theme songs heard in Honkai Star Rail when it first launched with the Of Snow And Ember Album. The song epicly introduced the boss, Cocolia at the world Jarilo VI, that made fighting against her a more cinematically immersive action experience in the video game. It was the song that truly introduced that the soundtrack quality that Hoyoverse was able to bring to the world of Honkai Star Rail, being one of the best honkai star rail songs produced.

Take the Journey

From the first album, Out of Control, Take the Journey isn’t your usual upbeat song that gets you hyped over it, however, it had a great introduction entrance when the player was newly introduced to the Astral Express Train, creating a calming and sentimental sensation of the future trailblazing adventures that the crew will end up in. Sadly, only a short version of the song has only been released, and players are hoping for a full version soon.


Ever since the 1.2 update came to Honkai Star Rail, the newly produced song from the Svah Sanishyu album, Samudrartha has climbed to be one of the best honkai star rail songs of all time. Played in one of the most important moments of Dan Hengs story arc, Samudrartha brings a shivering vibe of epicness and thrill that made the entire moment a memorable one, that complimented the great animation Hoyoverse has also brought to the game.

Godfather – Svarog Boss Theme 

The Svarog boss battle, I think was an underrated one, as most fans would remember Cocolia or Phantylia, however, we cant ignore that the Svarog boss battle introduced a great instrumental upbeat song called Godfather, the soundtrack had “Boss” written all over it, and you just can’t ignore the epic bass drops the song outputs everytime you’re in battle.

Pedujara: Phantylia the Undying · Boss Theme

Phantylia The Undying was another perfectly executed major Boss by Hoyoverse, after the epic battle done with Cocolia, fans were happy that the second major boss of Honkai Star Rail was extremely done well from design, animation, and soundtracks. The boss, Phantylia, has over 3 phases, meaning, each phase has also over 3 seperate soundtracks to listen to. 3 of them being, Pedujara: Ephemeral Cycle, Pedujara: Even Immortality Ends, Pedujara: Demiseless Existence. Check out a compilation video of the songs down below:

Interstellar Journey

Interstellar Journey was the song first heard on the Interstellar Journey Trailer, unfortunately there is no full-version of the song, having fans hoping for more, as it is one of the most listened songs of Honkai Star Rail. A very nice upbeat, and fun vibe song, and it definitely deserves an extended full version.

If you know anymore honkai star rail soundtracks and songs that you think should be in the best honkai star rail songs list, comment down below.

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