7 Best Anime About Voice Acting

Looking for the best Anime about voice acting? Voice acting is awesome, it’s an art and skill that must be honed with countless of practice, voice acting is one of the most gifted skills anyone could have. If you do enjoy voice acting, why not watch an Anime About Voice Acting? Although, not a lot of Anime TV series out there that revolves around the Voice Acting Job and Industry, thankfully we are still given a few series that are entirely enjoyable to watch that go around making the characters fall in love or be interested in the trade. Here are the best anime about voice acting that you might enjoy.



Cue! is a newly released anime in 2022 about a relatively new Voice Acting Agency that contains a group of girls who have no major experience in voice acting. Suddenly the Agency’s manager was offered to audition for an upcoming sports Anime adaptation from a widely popular manga. Being given an opportunity to showcase their talents. The Anime brings you on a 24 episodic journey among these characters who aspire to be something more with their voice acting.


Girlish Number

Girlish Number is a 2016 Anime about a College Student, Chitose Karasuma who is just beginning to experience the world of adulthood. Having to land a job somewhere, she decides to train as a voice actress and ended up joining an agency called “Number One Produce” that is managed by her older brother. The Anime depicts the life of a voice acting novice that always gets minor roles, and showcases how competitive the voice acting industry can be.

Seiyuu’s Life!

Seiyuu Life! or Sore ga Seiyuu! is a 2015 Anime about a rookie who aims to be a top-tier professional in the world of voice acting. Although, voice acting is competitive, which leads her to endlessly searching and applying for voice acting auditions, and other performance gigs. The world of voice acting is full of challenges due to how much demand for the highest quality voices every big company wants. Our rookie, Futaba Ichinose, struggles to find her style of voice acting, so she can make a name for herself.

Hashiri Tsuzukete Yokattatte

Its not everyday we get an Anime about voice acting, but Hashiri Tsuzukete Yokattatte is a relatively new 2018 Anime with well-done animations, and storyline. Hashiri Tsuzukete Yokattatte introduces us, a young male named Minato, who suddenly falls in love with the performances of voice actors, later on motivating him to pursue the career and attend an Academy called Suidoubashi Animation Academy, where he later struggles and realizes that it is harder than what he has thought.

Love Get Chu: Miracle Seiyuu Hakusho

Love Get Chu! is a 2006 Anime, yes it is old, but has a nice story to it. It’s different from the rest, and is fairly unknown to the Anime community, but other than that, it is about a group of girls that ventures into the voice acting industry and attending a training school where each girl has a different motivational reason in why they want to pursue the career. Love Get Chu has over 25 episodes that may have older animations, but if you are wanting an Anime about Voice acting, this is a good title to consider watching.

Koe de Oshigoto! The Animation

Koe de Oshigoto! is a pretty interesting anime that takes place around a young girl, Kanna Aoyagi, who is asked to do voice work by her sister for a game company, an eroge game company of all things, which she has to do erotic voice acting. Her innocent personality has been challenged by the environment she has come to find herself in, as she has to be a voice actress for sexual erotic games with a lot of sexual content. Having no sexual experience, she has to research on her own.


REC is another old anime from 2006. Being pretty short with 9 Episodes and 13 minutes each, the series takes place about an aspiring voice actress, Onda Aka, who comes across an office employee, Fumihiko. After a saddening event that makes Aka move in with Fumihiko, their lives suddenly intertwine. REC is a short anime series about two average working individuals coming to meet and further develop their relationships with one another.

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