10 Haikyuu!! Best Moments that are Worth Watching

Haikyuu!! never failed to deliver well-written complex characters and moments that keep the viewers hoping what would the next episode bring for them. Some moments made viewers either shut up to the point that they just sit in awe or screamed at the top of their lungs. From clutch plays that each player would pull off up to where incredible strategies that would catch their opponents off-guard. Here are 10 Haikyuu!! best moments that Haikyuu!! fans would never forget when it got animated.


10. Shoyo First Tempo Synchronized Attack

Shoyo was portrayed as a wild beast that even his team would have a hard time taming his yearning to get faster but with Shiratorizawa forcing Karasuno’s back into a corner and with the latter in match point, Hinata Shoyo managed to hold his ground and keep his cool.

Haikyuu!! Season 3 – Episode 10

This scene left the Shiratorizawa defenders dumbfounded when they noticed that Shoyo did not do his early run-up (which he does every time he would go for the Freak Quick Attack or his pattern that would move one tempo faster than the rest of the pack whenever they would go for a synchronized attack).  

9. Nishinoya Clutch Foot Receive

Date Tech is known for their formidable defense and even proclaimed themselves as the “Iron Wall of Date.” It’s no surprise that Karasuno’s ace Azumane found himself reliving the moment that the Iron Wall kept shutting him down, and when the audience had their heart sank when Azumane lost that joust against Aone.

Haikyuu!! Season 1 – Episode 18

However, Nishinoya had another thing in mind which would make the moment worth being watched over and over again. His incredible reflexes and full-body control allowed him to move his foot to catch the ball before it touches the ground allowing Kageyama to give a perfect set to Azumane and eventually secure the match once and for all. 

8. Shoyo’s Soft Block…or was it a Receive?  

Shiratorizawa proved they were a force to be reckoned with during the 5th set down with 3 points causing the cheerleaders of Shiratorizawa to begin singing Academy Hymn as if to signal that the match is already in the bag.

Haikyuu!! Season 3 – Episode 8

But, Shoyo seems to teach them a lesson on not celebrating too early and shocked even the viewers when he blocked (or was it an insanely close receive?) the powerful spike of Ushijima. If it were a “soft block,” he would be one of the two players in the duration of their match to shut down Ushijima. 

7. Kenma’s Pass to Fukunaga  

Kenma was written as this person who lacks needed stamina to last in a match even with just three sets. His teammate, Yamamoto, even commented on his lack of “guts” to play volleyball. Facing against Sarukawa, Nekoma seems to show the crack in their impenetrable defense, which the coach of Sarukawa used to their advantage and formulated a plan to push Kenma to exhaustion.

Haikyuu!! Season 4 Part 2 – Episode 5

But, Kenma proved not only to the Sarukawa players but also to the viewers, that one does not necessarily need “guts” to win the day; you just need whatever you are strong with and use it to your advantage. In this instance, Kenma used his intelligence and trusted his teammate, Fukunaga, to deliver the final blow against Sarukawa, and with a good, “Oh!” from Fukunaga serves as the final nail in the coffin of Sarukawa. 

6. Debut of the New Freak Quick Attack

Still reeling that their insane Quick Attack was hardly countered by Aoba Johsai, which broke their confidence to perform that attack even at the Tokyo Training Camp. Even when they were the only team who suffered several dive receive laps, they proved in their final match against Fukurodani that their experience in the training camp was enough to take their skills to the next level.

Haikyuu!! Season 2 – Episode 10

Tobio and Shoyo shocked even their teammates when they unleashed their Quick Attack, but with a twist: Shoyo’s eyes were now open. Sure, this is just a trivial thing to volleyball players, but it signals that he just let go of his purely animal instincts to trust Tobio, and now he is much more disciplined on what is going on the opposite side of the net. 

5. Miya Twin’s Quick Attack Debut    

Viewers have been familiar with the Weirdo Quick done by both Tobio and Shoyo. But, when both Atsumu and Osamu managed to copy this move for themselves, it not only made the stomach churn for the next episode, but the scene alone managed to push Karasuno into rethinking their strategy in how to handle Inarizaki, now armed with the weapon that they think is their own. 

Haikyuu!! Season 4 Part 2 – Episode 1

4. Hinata’s Clean Receive

We’ve all seen Shoyo’s receiving performance from the previous seasons. Even Tobio commented on how Shoyo’s receives were subpar. With accumulated practice (and a little nudge from being a ball boy during the Special Training Camp for rookies within the Miyagi Prefecture), he was able to cleanly receive the powerful attack Ojiro Aran managed was able to send his way.

Haikyuu!! Season 4 Part 2 – Episode 9

It completely catches off-guard, not just the viewers of the anime, but those that watched the match. Though they lost that breakpoint, that moment ultimately shows Shoyo’s gigantic leap from being a boy who just wanted to go faster into a man who would, one day, rule the court. 

3. Saeko’s Arrival with the Taiko Drums

It must be addressed that when they say it is a battle within the court, the Inarizaki cheer team seems to take it to heart. They provided support to their players by staying silent when they would serve and distract the opponents by booing or playing a beat that would completely mess up their timing.

Haikyuu!! Season 4 Part 2 – Episode 1

However, when Saeko entered the gym alongside his comrades all set their Taiko Drums, it felt like the cavalry has indeed arrived. It changed the rhythm of the game, and it gave inspiration to the rest of the Karasuno players that, certainly, Saeko would move heaven and Earth to support the team to which her brother belongs.   

 2. Tanaka’s Super Narrow Cross

One of Haikyuu!! best moments in the series that viewers (even myself) would relate to Ryu’s internal monologue, where somewhere in our life, we thought we are the best at something. But, when bitter reality comes knocking on the front door, you have presented no choice but to submit to the fact that you are just an Average Joe. Inarizaki proved to be the most significant obstacle that Ryu has faced and getting shut down over and over again, and even Tsukishima’s decision to set to Azumane managed to shake their mental fortitude to its very core.

Haikyuu!! Season 4 Part 2 – Episode 3

However, when Ryu managed to conquer his inner demons, it speaks not just to Tobio’s incredible trust towards Ryu but also towards Ryu’s fantastic athletic skill to pull off such a wild cross-shot. Even myself, which didn’t make me scream my lungs out but instead I was shocked, and I just stared at the scene full of awe and respect for Ryu. Again, this is a lesson that even if reality would force you to fight with the odds stacked against you, persisting to continue is the only way to win. 

1. Tsukishima’s Blocked Ushijima  

What is there to say? Kei’s character from the previous seasons portrayed him as this aloof character being just slightly intelligent than the rest of the pack. Sure, he was able to pull off some one-touches and hard blocks quicks from other teams. But, faced with Ushijima, one of the top three spikers in all of Japan, forced him to pull off that incredible block against his shot that would rock the world out of the viewers who were watching that moment.

Haikyuu!! Season 3 – Episode 4

I bet that not an avid Haikyuu!! fan would never forget this scene, this scene would forever change, not Kei’s perception towards volleyball, but the viewer’s perception of Kei, not an aloof and “that guy who is just tall,” instead he would be remembered as the guy who made that incredible block against Ushijima and it makes in the top 1 of Haikyuu!! best moments.

Comment down below if you enjoyed any of these 10 Haikyuu!! best moments. If yours wasn’t listed, mention it in the comments.




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1 year ago

I rewatch the Kei block every now and again just to get my blood pumping. It brings extreme pleasure to see him realize his own appreciation for the sport just from that one moment.