12 Attack on Titan Best Moments


Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) has had us on the edge of our seats since it was released and it has continued to push us closer to the brim with its latest and final season. It has been a rollercoaster ride with the anime’s unexpected turns and depressing events so here are some of the most epic Attack on Titan Best moments that will never be forgotten.  


Attack on Titan best moments that we all know and love.

“It’s them” (Colossal and Armored Titans First Appearance) 

This was a shocker for everyone as the anime started in a pleasant manner and out of nowhere an explosion occurred and appeared from the smoke a muscly giant spine-chilling creature, mightily kicking the wall’s gate wide open, killing innocent civilians in the process with giant wall debris and mindless beings infamously known as “titans” casually walk into the wrecked entrance.

This was the turning point as it left the viewers in awful disbelief and to add insult to injury, another bizarre Titan with a firm exterior rushed unto the second gate, brutally destroying humanity’s defense. 

Eren Gets Eaten

Eren was thought to be as the main protagonist in the show as he was driven by his will to survive and the anger towards all the titans. This got us speechless and dumbfounded because after all, he is the guy of the show and clearly it was too early at least for the main character to die. Poor Eren.

Female Titan is Annie (The survey corps did their research) 

The “abnormal” titan that resembled a female that massacred a lot, I mean a lot of the survey corps was actually just the reserved and crushed on Annie Leonhart.


This bothersome event was some sort of a sorrowful betrayal especially between friends because Annie was an exceptional comrade and acquaintance among the main characters and could also be considered as a fan favorite. It was really sad. 

Utgard Castle  

It was just a peaceful night under the stars that turned into a mess out of the blue. This was an unavoidably nerve-racking scene as our shorthanded and unequipped star favorites had to fight for their lives under the dark sky ‘til dawn on a structurally compromised tower. Yes, it was that tense. 


Beast Titan (First Appearance) 

It was a puzzling moment for everyone to see an enormous, hairy, creepy looking titan with really long skinny arms roaming around the green fields and pastures. To top it off, the “abnormal” titan could talk! It has the ability to communicate with humans effortlessly with its terrifying smile. 


Smiling Titan Reappears 

This was the moment everybody was waiting for since the emergence of the titan that had the infamous smile. Fans were unsure of their emotions due to the fact that this was not really of a vindicative moment for the shorthanded main character (I mean literally) as he agonizingly watched his fellow comrades die from hordes of titans, including the Smiling titan, trying to go after him. 

Mikasa’s Backstory 

Another sad yet redeeming moment for us as we got to see little Eren and Mikasa fight alongside each other for the first time. It was traumatic not just for them but also for the viewers. The daunting experience for the two kids fairly inspired the fans to remain strong and to keep fighting. Tatakae! 

Eren vs Rod Reiss (120m Pure Abnormal) 

This definitely got us to hold our breath as a frightening smoking hot, gigantic, faceless titan showed up over the 50-meter wall with its guts falling all over the place (yuck). It got some of us wonder how the main characters were going to exterminate the horrendous abnormal as it seemed undefeatable. It truly is disturbing and disgusting at the same time. 


Levi vs The Military Police 

This is one of the best Attack on Titan moments ever for the much-loved Captain! Literally, I mean literally Levi is the definition of “One-man Army” as he faced off only with his sword and ODM gear against the deadly muskets of Kenny Ackerman and the Military Police. Adrenaline rush overload!


Armin’s Ultimate Sacrifice 

Armin is always thought more of as a nimble mind than a soldier. This so far is one of the most painful and heroic sacrifices of a main character as he boldly faced the Colossal Titan alone head-on. As one of humanity’s last hope for survival, Armin dedicated his heart to save his friends and the world. 


Erwin’s Last Cry 

Ah Commander Erwin, known for his powerful words and his incredibly devoted heart in the search for the truth of the Titans and losing an arm was not even enough to stop the fire burning in his heart. I’d love to call it Erwin as a “hype-machine” as his emotion and desire fuel up not just the soldiers in the show but the viewers as well. We got to see this epic moment one last time against the irritating Beast titan. Shinzou wo sasageyo! 


Levi vs the Beast titan 

We have been imagining and trying to figure out ways with “who” or “how” the powerful Beast titan can be defeated. We all know Levi is our knight in shining armor, so we would definitely expect him to have effortless fights against the titans but we also know how scary the Beast titan is because of his baseball-like throwing power and the ability to command over other titans. Who do you think wins? 


Comment down below if you enjoyed any of these 12 Attack on Titan best moments, and if you have anymore that weren’t listed

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