Top 10 Best Anime Commercials That You Wish Your Country Had

Best Anime Commercials: Japan is known for creating and bringing Anime into our lives in which they are the country that have entirely produced the Anime which struck international attention either because of the emotional tales, the comedic vibes, or the characters showcased that an Anime may bring to its viewers.

We can’t lie that Anime is something of greater value, and although when we think of Anime we think of a TV series, or Film presented in Japanese art style. However, Japan Animation industries also produce Commercials in Anime style. Unlike Western countries and other parts of the world that uses real life people with real things, Japan however has used Animation to advertise a product or promote a business which is probably a really awesome marketing choice.

Check out these Top Anime Commercials

McDonald’s Anime Commercial

If you didn’t know, the all-time favorite fast food chain McDonald’s has an Anime Commercial and it’s quite awesome to watch. Focusing on a Character that wants to work at the Food Chain where she has fun learning, meeting people and helping out. Makes you think, wanting a slice-of-life Anime series based on McDonald’s would be fun to watch.

Disneyland Tokyo Resort Commercial 

Disneyland Tokyo Resort Commercial is a 30 second advertisement from 2012 showcasing an entire summary of the girls life enjoying Disneyland from her Childhood to Elderly life. It has gained popularity due to the quick emotional ride of the compilations we are shown of the Girl when coming to Disneyland.

Nescafe Anime Commercial

Do you use Nescafe to make your Instant Coffee? If not, check out this Commercial! Never knew Nescafe had an Anime Commercial, but apparently there is, a Hong Kong Nescafe Advertisement commercial focusing on a girl who’s rushing for another Job interview while having a few wholesome interactions along the way to promote their message “an extra mile” with nescafe.

Next A-Class Mercedes-Benz Commercial

That’s right, Mercedes Benz has an Anime commercial from 2012 called “Next A-class“, and is still probably one of the best car advertisement Anime shows until now. Although, it’s a 6 minutes long Advertisement compared to the average 1-minute, Mercedes-Benz Anime Commercial was entertaining and fun to watch.

7-Eleven Japan Anime Commercial

7-Eleven Japan has released an Anime Miniseries to advertise their chain in Japan, which brings a slice of life feel to its viewers just like how it would happen in real life. Although, it’s quite hard to find a place to watch this series available online if you aren’t region blocked on Youtube, but if you did, it’s an enjoyable watch.

Marukome Anime Commercial

The Marukome Anime Commercial “Home Sick Together” is a wholesome Anime about a Mother who went down with the average Colds and couldn’t care for her young child properly nor bring her son to school, so they had to stay home. Thus sparking a series of events throughout the day including the showcase of Marukome’s Miso Soup Product. Marukome still has other Anime Commercials under its belt, so don’t forget to check those.

Nissin Anime Commercial

The Nissin Anime commercial “One piece x Nissin Hungry days” could be one of the best Anime commercials just because they collaborated with an all-time popular Anime series called One-Piece, and bringing these Main Characters in a totally new different environment from a Pirate Shounen Anime to a High School slice of life type of environment in their commercial, which is a pretty neat fanservice for One Piece fans.

“Mottainai” Commercial for NHK

What makes this Commercial great is due to the Animations which were produced under CoMix Wave Films, and Art by yoshitoshi shinomiya who was part of the production of big time Anime titles like Garden Of Words Art.

Taisei Corporation Anime Commercial

Another Anime Commercial done by CoMix Wave Films that has produced many best Anime Commercials in Japan with high-quality work. This commercial was directed by Makoto Shinkai which was produced for a Building Construction company called Taisei.

Lotte Anime Commercial

Lotte Anime Commercial “Bump of Chicken” is a quick 3 Minute Anime Commercial for the Japanese Chocolate company “Lotte“. The Animation and soundtrack were superb and sometimes you wish it could be an Anime, either way, I’d be down to eat some Lotte Chocolate after watching their Ad.

If you think there’s another Anime commercial that should be in the top 10 list of best anime commercials, comment down below and share it to all of us. There are quite a lot out there beyond this list, so feel free to mention.

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