5 Seasons Of Pokemon That You Should Watch

As of this date, the Pokemon anime series has 24 seasons so far and there’s some seasons of Pokemon that are fillers. Pokemon is a good way for someone to have a starting point to watch an anime series. The anime series isn’t just for kids, but it’s for everyone that likes anime, video games, and even manga. It’s a long series to binge watch from beginning to end if you’re just starting, but you can get what Pokemon is about by just watching a few episodes.

Pokemon is a popular franchise and anime, there’s so much merchandise that one could buy everywhere. If you have doubts on watching or playing Pokemon, there’s adults somewhere that are still into Pokemon and have been fans since the beginning. Here are some of the seasons of Pokemon that you should watch

Indigo League

The Indigo League season is the start of the Pokemon Journey of a boy named Ash Ketchum. He is 10-years-old and gets his first Pokemon called: Pikachu from Professor Oak. Together they will meet challenges and new friends on meeting their goal. This is the season where viewers would see Ash on how he handles his Pokemon and the Gym Battles for the first time. This was also the season where Ash was able to make it to the top 16 of the Indigo League after losing his battle against his friend for the first time.

It’s a classic season where viewers would see Ash advancing his dream as a Pokemon Master from being a kid. There are even some episodes missing in the Indigo League due to reasons. It’s a great season for someone to start watching Pokemon that is new to the anime.

Master Quest

Master Quest is where viewers would watch Ash Ketchum on continuing his journey in the Johto Region where he finds unbelievable Pokemon, collecting badges and making new friends. Ash was able to encounter Entei, Suicune, Ho-Oh and Lugia – four legendary Pokemon in the Gold and Silver series. Besides being able to see some of the legendary Pokemon, the series was able to have Ash battle it out against his long time rival, Gary Oak but it was also the last season where the character Misty would be seen in the anime.

The master quest season is an enjoyable season and has one of the longest seasons. The Master Quest has some exciting and emotional episodes for viewers but it could be considered one of the best seasons to binge watch for Pokemon fans.

Orange Island

The orange islands takes place right after the indigo league where Ash finds himself in the orange islands where he battles gym leaders in a different way. It is there that he meets new Pokemon and friends as Ash and Pikachu compete in the Orange League Competition. Not a lot of Pokemon viewers and fans liked the Orange Island season but it is the season where viewers could see a different style.

It is also where there isn’t a video game of Pokemon that is based on the orange island season and that many think that the orange island season doesn’t coincide with the Pokemon anime as if it’s a filler. Whatever you may think of the orange island season, the season has good Pokemon battles and shouldn’t be forgotten as it is where it’s a starting point that could be something different.


Pokemon Generation

Pokemon Generation is about the video games of Pokemon where viewers would watch Red and Blue go against each other just like in the gameplay. The only difference is being the episodes of Pokemon Generation are really, really short and don’t coincide with the Pokemon anime of Ash and his friends. It might be fast but the series is fun to watch because it is the exact gameplay that viewers are playing on their gaming console. For instance: The Lake of Rage where the player has to battle a Red Gyarados is part of an episode in Pokemon Generation.

The animation of Pokemon Generation is beautiful and it is nostalgic for many fans of Pokemon. If you have nothing to do, this is a must-see Pokemon season that is a filler and bingeable. If you want to watch something short, Pokemon Generation is a place where you should look into if you want to get started in watching

Pokemon Advanced

Just like the other Pokemon seasons, Pokemon Advanced starts off in the Hoenn region but viewers would be seeing a new character named May who is starting a new journey and later on meets Ash and Pikachu. May is still finding herself within the world of Pokemon, she started out as a Pokemon trainer and then decided to become a coordinator like her own mother. She has own rival named Drew within the coordinator contest and throughout Pokemon Advance, Ash and May continue their goals. Pokemon Advance is where May and Ash meet Team Aqua and Magma where they are trying to find Kyogre and Groudon.

Why should you get into Pokemon?

Pokemon is one of the anime that everyone knows about and it is a fun way to have a conversation with someone that you may or may not know. You can play, read or watch Pokemon with friends and family. There’s a lot to do with the Pokemon anime series and have a fun way with it. These seasons have a lot of episodes where one can’t really binge watch the entire season within one day.

Watching the Pokemon anime could take time but where’s the fun in it if you’re binge watching every season? It should take time and you should understand what’s going on within the episode instead of rushing through it. Go ahead and have an enjoyable watch of Pokemon, you won’t regret it and soon you’ll be a fan of the anime series just like many others.

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