Will there be a Bocchi the Rock Season 2?

Bocchi the Rock has ended on December 25, 2022. Signaling one of the best musical slice of life comedy animes to end for the last week of 2022. If you didn’t know, Bocchi the Rock has succeeded so much that it can be arguably declared Anime of the year. Bocchi the Rock started off as a 4-koma gag manga, turned into a 12 episode animated series from a very loving and passionate production team that lived up to the comedy Bocchi the Rock had portrayed. After its last episode aired, it has left one major question unaswered and it is that, will there be a Bocchi the Rock Season 2?

So, will there be a Bocchi the Rock Season 2?

As of yet, there’s no official announcement regarding Bocchi the Rock Season 2 either from the studio or its creators. This is one of the most popular slice of life animes globally and nationally in Japan to be released in Fall 2022, even going head-to-head with other anime titles that released in the Fall of 2022 in succeeding Sales. Bocchi the Rock Season 2 is the most anticipated and asked for sequel, however we can only hope for the best of the series and the studio for them to come to an agreement and continue for another hit sequel of a now, popular slice of life anime.

Bocchi the Rock Season 1 Synopsis

For the readers that haven’t seen the anime series, Bocchi the Rock is about a girl name Hitori, “Bocchi”, Gotou who is socially anxious and lonely ever since elementary school. She’s desperate to make friends and play guitar in a band, so when she enters high school with a mission to do so as she initially failed that dream in her elementary school years.

Bocchi has played guitar for 3 years, honing the skill in being a guitarist preparing for such a moment to come, her moment to achieve her dreams. Join Bocchi on the road of how a socially anxious Guitarist finds her place in the world of rock band music! So you can be excited for Bocchi the Rock Season 2 if it ever gets announced!

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What do you think? Will there be a season 2 for bocchi the rock? Comment down below!

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