8 Best Anime about Rock Bands You Need to Jam To

Looking for the Best Anime about Rock Bands so you can vibe to their songs? We got you covered. Japanese Rock, or Rock in general is quite popular in Japan, so it’s not a surprise there would be an abundance of Anime about Rock Bands available to watch all-around from solid rock perfomances to idol-fused rock music and more, here are the the best music anime about rock bands that you need to check out.

Bocchi the Rock

Bocchi the Rock has skyrocketed into a popular hit this Fall 2022 and probably is now one of the most popular musical slice of life anime about rock bands. Bocchi the Rock garnering over hundreds and thousands of fans with a score of 9.0 on MyAnimeList, it’s no doubt, this anime has become a very successful anime.

Bocchi the Rock does a great job in showcasing the life of a aspiring guitarist and band member with the main character that suffers from social anxiety which most could relate to. The Guitar Performances and music are great to listen to along with amazing animations. A highly recommended anime series to watch.


If you like animes that really put an emphasis on the rock bands, Beck is one of the best anime about rock bands known for that, although it may not have cute anime girls, but if that isnt your genre to start with, then Beck would be perfect for a more mature shounen feel to those anime fans looking for such in an anime.

Beck is about a young teen who had no motivation to do anything in life until he found a former band member who formerly plays the guitar in a popular rock band. Beck does a great job in representing the rock culture and what it is like to be in a band with the success and struggles.


K-on! was one of the original popular cute girls doing cute things anime about rock bands revolving around high school. K-on is about a group of high schoolers that got interested in the culture of rock band music and started the Light Music Club. Watch this innocently cute slice of life anime, about people who have no idea about playing music at first come together and become an awesome high school club rock band.


Nana is one of the well-known drama anime about rock band music. Exploring the life of two young women in pursuing their life goals, one being for romantic love and another for her musical career. Nana is a drama filled anime with romance, music and life, unlike most anime titles mentioned here filled with the fun of youth, Nana takes a more dramatic turn containing the themes of romance fused with its punk rock band vibe and I like it, a lot of people did, and maybe you will to.

Bang Dream

Bang Dream is a popular music anime about rock bands, showcasing a variety of all-girl bands that play different style of music from J-Rock, J-Pop, Pop Rock and more genres that relate to their respective bands. Bang Dream has over 3 seasons and a movie garnering a lot of popularity and lore build-up, due to this there is a lot of material for the avid fan and it’s no doubt an enjoyable series to sit and vibe to the music along with the characters having fun doing so.


Fukumenkei Noise

Fukumenkei Noise is another anime about rock bands that focuses on the romantic drama as its main plotline. Starting with a young girl who experienced a sad moment of her being seperate with two childhood male friends, one of them being her first love. After all the years of being away from each other, fate decided to make them all meet in the same high school and thus a series of events of music and love happen from there.


Given is an anime about rock bands that also heavily focuses on romantic drama of boys love. Four individuals take part in an amatuer rock band and jam together, and as well preparing for a big performance while dealing with rising emotions for each other. If you are a fan of BL Drama, that contains the themes of rock band music then Given is one of the highly rated animes in this genre, which even has a movie as a sequel.

Bakumatsu Rock

Bakumatsu Rock is an anime about rock bands that is set around the medieval historical era, where shogunate uses the heaven’s song, pop idol music to brainwash its people and if you were to play any other music then you would recieve capital punishment. This encourages people like, Sakamoto Ryouma, our main character, who loves Rock ‘n’ Roll and other Rockers to rise up and spread the freedom and justice Rock can give to the world.

Know anymore animes about rock bands that wasn’t in the list? Comment down below.

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