Animeclap is looking for Anime Writers!

Writing about Anime is an awesome thing to do, as any Anime fan wants to share their knowledge, experience and overall interest of the Anime topic. Becoming an Anime Writer is even better when publishing an Article out there to be read by hundreds of people, if you’re looking for a place to write about whether its just to generally share your interest, write multiple articles in order gain writing experience, and grow a fanbase for your writing. Animeclap is the best place to do so, as we provide the necessary environment in order to publish your content and make it grow.

As said in our About Us page, “Animeclap aims to spread the fun of Anime and how potentially interesting it can be for anyone. We want to share our love for anime by creating a platform where writers and fans could engage in discussions revolving around Anime and other related topics, expressing the ways we can show that love to Anime and Non-Anime Fans.”.

If this interest you, you can further continue to our recruiting page, Write For Us and read on the process of being a Volunteer Writer for our page. As of now, as we are still a growing website, we do not / cannot offer any financial payment for your articles or official positions as we lack the funding to provide that, so to the best of our ability, we can only offer you the appropriate volunteering environment to gain experience. We also have a designated Linkedin page for you to display in your profile in showing that you have writing experience at our company.

Want to write about something else?

Not only can you write about Anime at our site, but as well as Games, Tech-related topics, and TV Dramas. We offer up quite a lot of subcategories for each, giving a wide range of topic areas to write about, and for our readers to browse and read through. Don’t be afraid in applying to Volunteer or Guest Write an Article because we are open to any level of writing, as long as you know your topic, and the basic rules of grammar, our editor will be okay with it.

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