Your Lie in April Review: A Heartbreaking Romance Anime


Looking for a sad Anime based on a solid romantic agonizing tale which you can binge-watch for 22 episodes? Look no further as Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso or Shigatsu) could be the one for you. A one of a kind romance Anime that no other could comparatively achieve the atmosphere, story-telling and overall development between characters and viewers. It has proven to be the best Romance Anime that could just break your entire heart in one go.

Why you should watch Your Lie in April

Artistic Value of the Music and Visuals

Your Lie in April is an Anime that combines a touching romantic story with musical and visual artistic representations to gain the viewers attention. Music is something that we all know and love, the power of musical instruments, the melodies and tones of what we can hear is a language of itself and it communicates to anyone that is willing to understand it beyond the sound. An Anime about two teens who have the passion for music and performing it come together for a story worth watching. The way the Anime progresses and develops these characters using the theme of classical music is one of the enjoyable factors.

The Classical Music in Your Lie in April is known for being made by the best known composers known in history, who want to tell a poetic tale in their musical piece of work, whether its by Beethoven or Chopin. The music is obviously outstanding not just for the melodies you can hear, but how it can represent these characters in the story from passion to anger, and frustration with the music residing and advocating the entirety of what the characters feel in which the Anime does a great job playing around this theme.

Story and Characters

The story isn’t cliché, and has its own unique way in showing its romantic story compared to other Romance Anime. Revealing the Hardships that such characters undergo, their personal problems towards performing music and life problems that show later on with the overall sequence of events for each episode being smooth in detail. Your Lie in April isn’t just a beautiful story that gets emotional with the touching elements but it goes deeper in portraying an important message about life itself in a beautiful artistic piece of work.

Live for yourself is one major thing we can learn from the story between the two characters and their hardships they underwent together. The passion to find the love for Music, and be the individual you want to be without the pressure of society that both characters dealt with while falling in love. Some people may criticize the story for being melodramatic but in truth, and in reality of the problems these characters dealt with, it more or less portrays a real life predicament that can happen to anyone.

Portraying what a human can and will feel if such predicament happens and it’s what makes it sad, the reality of it depicts that people who suffer the same can equate to the mental troubles these characters endured, and the story leaves an impacting moment that will mark itself in your memory for years to come.

Give it a shot!

Your Lie in April has attracted many people for the first two episodes and maybe you’re the next to love it. Your Lie in April came out in 2014 and was one of the best high-budget anime series that released which has built a reputation for itself in being one of the best romance Anime out there, it currently ranks #37 on MyAnimeList at the time of this Article was published.

It’s worth the watch if you’re into romantic drama Anime with a theme of classical music. Your Lie in April also released a Live Adaptation along with the Anime which you can watch on Netflix.

Maybe there’s only a dark road ahead. But you have to believe and keep going. Believe that the stars will light your path, even a little bit. Come on…Let’s go on a journey!

Kaori Miyazono

The Author, Naoshi Arakawa who wrote and illustrated Your Lie in April is also having another Manga title of his being adapted into Anime which is currently being aired this Anime season, check it out: Sayonara Watashi no Cramer for an Emotional ride.

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