6 Yashahime Attacks That You Should Know About

Have you ever wondered what were the attacks that were used in Yashahime? Could it be that the main character’s attacks got it from Inuyasha or that they were able to inherit from someone or learned it? It’s quite interesting as Yashahime is the sequel anime of Inuyasha and many of the aspects from the series itself comes from there. What else could come from the Inuyasha anime that you may notice? Let’s discuss some of Yashahime attacks. 


Azure Dragon Wave – “Dragon Strike.”

The attack “Dragon Strike”, formally is from Sesshoumaru, but Towa was able to use the attack after showing a bit of emotion for her sister, Setsuna. However, unlike Sesshoumaru’s attack, Towa’s attack unleashes two dragons instead of one. The attack has been used in season 2 of Yashahime. Towa’s attack was able to get the silver rainbow pearl from the monster that she was fighting against and the “Dragon Strike”, is a powerful attack that she has learned. 

Demonic Energy Blade

The demonic energy blade is a weapon used by Towa who would use up her demonic powers to bring the blade to life. It was given to Towa during episode 2 of Yashahime and has been used throughout the series until she was given the Zanseiken. The blade itself has multiple powers and abilities like the dragon strike attack that her father once used before. The demonic energy blade is a powerful weapon and was given to Towa by her adoptive family even though it was a replica. Even though the blade hasn’t been used, Towa has it with her on standby. 

Crimson Backlash Wave

Moroha was able to use the Crimson Backlash Wave with her sword: Kurikaramaru. However at the time, Moroha didn’t know it was the “backlash wave” that is almost the same attack like her father, Inuyasha used before. Moroha was able to use the attack one time and that was during episode 16 of Yashahime when she was fighting against her former mentor. During the fight, Moroha was able to use the attack while spinning her sword and then a burst of wind came out from it making it like the “backlash wave.”

Heavenly Arrow Barrage

Moroha was able to use this attack for the first time in Yashahime in episode 2. Her mother: Kagome Higuarshi, was able to use it in the prequel Inuyasha as she was the one who invented the attack. The attack was never used by Kagome’s predecessor, Kikyo and thus Kagome learned the attack by herself. The attack is both Kagome and Moroha’s signature move and is widely seen throughout the series.

Poison Luster Claw

Setsuna was able to inherit this attack from her father, Sesshoumaru. Just like Sesshoumaru, she uses her claws and releases poison to enemies from battle. She was able to use this attack when she was in her demon form. It’s an effective attack against enemies as the poison melts the enemy right away. However the attack hasn’t been used recently as Setsuna doesn’t revert to her demon form.

Light Whips

Another attack that Setsuna was able to inherit from her father, Sesshoumaru. Just like the Poison Luster Claw, the Light Whips are used during Setsuna’s demon form. She was able to use it once before but hasn’t been used since as she doesn’t go back to her demon form . The light whip comes out from her fingertip and helps her fight in a battle. The Light Whips attack is useful when Setsuna is in her demon form.

Yashahime attacks are mostly inherited from a parent as viewers would see in Yashahime by Towa, Moroha and Setsuna. Some of the attacks are either learned throughout time, just like Moroha’s Heavenly Arrow Barrage as it isn’t inherited. It’s quite nostalgic seeing the old attacks from Inuyasha coming into the sequel Yashahime. Are there more attacks that you’ve seen from Inuyasha that have come into the Yashahime series? What attacks are you looking toward on seeing throughout the series?

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