Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Release Date Confirmed for Winter 2022

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Countdown

Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2 Countdown to Winter 2022

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What to expect for Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2

The Final Season has been a hype for everyone especially with the story build up, the great animation, and spectacular art but 16 episodes are insufficient to satisfy the craze of the fans and got them wondering how the story is going to continue since it has finally ended but not concluded with episode 16.

Nevertheless, a glimmer of hope came up as part 2 is confirmed in the winter of 2022! MAPPA, the studio that has been doing a great job for the final season, has announced a second half that will continue to adapt the manga. Manga readers who are way ahead with the knowledge of the outcome of the story and solid anime fans who have been sticking with the anime from the start are all excited and are impatiently looking forward towards it.

Fans who have already checked on the manga knew from the start that 16 episodes are inadequate for the entire remaining story and the great need for more episodes is in huge demand. As a story begins, there will definitely be an end which makes Season 4 Part 2 the last ever of the entire story. The exact date of Season 4 Part 2 is yet to be determined and it is a pain for the fans but stay hopeful and optimistic for the best is yet to come!

Attack on titans Season 4 episode 16 analysis

The recent and final episode of season 4 greatly built up the story as the intensity was getting higher and higher by the moment. The main characters, including the fans, felt great distress and it grew larger towards the last scene. Episode 16 proved Eren’s everlasting desire and unmoved goal for the world and Marley’s unrelenting response with the help of the now awakened and will driven Reiner.

There is still an inconsiderable amount of confusion as to how we are going to determine who the real villain is at this point of the story which worsens the cliffhanger at the end. It also increased the intensity of Eren’s role and purpose in the anime which is a complete contrast from the emotional Eren Yeager that we knew for the first 3 seasons which revamped our perception of Eren even more.

A troubled Mikasa, Armin, and the rest of Eren’s truehearted friends who were with him from the start are torn apart internally with all the sudden events going on and they need to decide as quick as possible and that decision will greatly affect the rest of the story. Hange has yet to determine Levi’s situation with Zeke as Hange is left clueless, worried, and helpless.

All in all, episode 16 was the episode the fans needed but it is a small piece in the puzzle that has yet to be solved and anime fans are even more determined and dedicated to know the outcome of the story with little yet very important information already at hand but with great desire for the ultimate conclusion

When is the Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 release date?

The story is still far from over and the remainder of the story will definitely blow our minds and the addicting anime will become even more enslaving to the viewers especially with the thrilling action, consistent art, and glorious animation. We will be expecting more intense events, epic battles between titans, disbelief, and unexpected turn of events that will leave our mouths open and our hearts in awe.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Release Date

Obsessive questions like what is going to happen next and what is the fate of our heroes and the incomplete story are filling the hearts of Anime fans and the desire for a piece to the greater puzzle grows larger every now and then. It has been 75 episodes already but it still feels like episode 1 in every new release that gets better and better by the day. Part 2 will be worth all the wait because the story officially begins and there will be plenty of shock, despair, anxiety, and excitement so sit very tight and Shinzou wo Sasageyo until the winter of 2022!

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