Love Live! Superstar!! 3rd Season Announced

Love Live is no mystery to any Anime fan, it has been one of the most popular idol genre animes in the industry with a large fanbase behind their back. Love Live! Superstar!! is one of their newest series to air, being the 4th in the long-running franchise, and it’s no surprise that it’s doing well enough to recieve multiple seasons.

During the 12th final episode of Love Live! Superstar!! 2nd season, it has announced at the ending that there will be a Love Live! Superstar!! 3rd season coming at an unknown date that is currently in production. It is assumed that Sunrise, the animation studio behind the 2nd season will still be responsible for Love Live! Superstar!! 3rd season that is coming soon.

Sadly, not much further information has been revealed aside from a Public Audition to join the idol group, Leila, that will start on November 1.


Check out the announcement video here:

The official twitter has also announceed the upcoming Love Live! Superstar!! 3rd Season.


After our female lead, Kanon, failing to get into Yuigaoka Girls’ High School’s music program, she has ended up in general curiculum making her decide to quit music altogether, although a classmate suddenly persudaes her into the passion again, leading Kanon to be interested into becoming one of the trendy school idols! Thus, the journey starts from there, from creating a school idol group, finding members and overcoming osbtacles to succeed in their new passionate path.

Source: official website announcement

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