5 Best Official Youtube Channels to Watch Anime

Official Youtube Channels to Watch Anime: Watching Anime on Youtube officially is quite unheard of, until Japanese studios and Publishers started to decide on taking advantage of the Global market and monetize their Animes on the Youtube platform for free, so here we stand with a few Youtube channels that upload full episodes of specific Anime series to watch officially.


It is great and something that I would wish there was more animation studios that would do the same in the near future. Although, these Youtube channels may be only available to Asian audiences, and are region restricted, you could however use VPN, if you’re a blocked country. Here are the best Official Youtube Channels to Watch Anime.

Muse Asia

Muse Asia could be the most popular one as it releases full episodes of former and current popular Anime titles such as The Worlds Finest Assassin. Muse Asia may be blocked for western audiences and other parts that isn’t in Asia, but that can be worked around. Muse Asia is a great place to follow upcoming and trending Anime series to watch and stay updated in bringing you countless of series for the international audience.

Check out their playlist! https://www.youtube.com/c/MuseAsia/playlists

Ani-one Asia

Ani-One Asia is also another popular youtube channel that has been uploading former and popular Anime titles like Scarlet Nexus and much more familiar titles that are trending in the Anime community. Just like Muse Asia it is a big Anime channel with consistent uploads of well-known series, but may block western audiences or regions that isn’t part of Asia.

Check out their playlist! https://www.youtube.com/c/AniOneAsia/playlists


Gundaminfo is a Youtube Channel specifically created by the official Gundam website: https://en.gundam.info/ . Just like what the name suggest it’s dedicated to the Gundam series in which they regularly upload full Gundam Anime Episodes, and other contents related to Gundam, which makes it an awesome channel for a Gundam fan to follow.

Check out their playlist! https://www.youtube.com/user/GundamInfo/playlists


AnimeLog is a lesser known Official Anime Youtube channel due to its genre of catering to the Anime Classics. Although, fandom to these old Animations are a minority compared to mainstream modern Animes that attracts international audiences, it’s still an awesome channel to mention for people who love the classics. Besides that, this channel is backed by well-known 30 studios like Toei animation, Nippon animations and much more, who have created popular all-time classics.

Although, the popular titles you may know are not available on the channel as of yet, we should stay tune if ever they will decide to release the Anime titles we all know and love from these popular studios onto the Youtube platform.

Check out their playlist! AnimeLog’s Playlist

Anime Made By Bilibili

If you didn’t know, Bilibili is a Chinese video-sharing website company that also publishes or funds their own Anime. Chinese Animes are also entertaining to watch, which one notable title on their channel is The Daily Life of the Immortal King. They have countless other popular titles as well, which you can check out for yourself. Keep in mind, they only upload Animes under the production of Bilibili only.

Check out their playlist! Anime Made By Bilibili


Although it is free to watch, some channels do not provide a high definition quality option, or 1080p specifically, which isn’t always available, like Muse Asia videos are only available at 720p. You also have to deal with constant adverts, but that’s normal as these are being provided for free on the platform. Along with Audiences outside of Asia who don’t have access to these channels unless a VPN is used since are they region blocked. Either way, whether you’ll want to watch it on Youtube for free or end up subscribing to a paid subscription platform, both works in the end. Happy watching!

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