The 10 Best Gacha Games to Get You Addicted

Gacha games is a type of video game that implements a mechanic similar to Toy Vending Machines, where you have to spend a specific amount of in-game currency that may result in the usage of real-life currency to acquire a random specified amount of virtual game items that ranges from bad, or rare quality items. There are plenty of Gacha games out there that we will showcase just some of the best gacha games for any person wanting to get into the world of Gacha gaming.


Gacha games are popular mainly because they use the Japanese traditional Anime art style for their visuals, in addition which most popular Gacha titles originate from Japan, Korea or China that represents an already existing popular franchise. They are widely played by Anime fans, and undeniably fun to play. Here are the best Gacha games to get you addicted in 2021.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has been the most recent prevailing title last year among Gacha games produced by a Chinese video game studio called Mihoyo. The game has received over 23 million downloads during its first launch week. People love Genshin Impact for the characters, and the story it shows to the player. It’s an open-world 3D Gacha game where the story that the game has to offer is rather addicting to keep you playing for more, plus with the outstanding visuals the game characters have will make you stay.

Genshin Impact has been one of the best gacha games available, it has gotten into heated debates with their strong implementation of the “Gacha Game Experience”, although I do believe, the game is forgiving and doesn’t demand too much real-life finances in exchange for player enjoyment, as players that play the game without spending any real life currency once said, “it’s still enjoyable, just tedious”, which goes the same for any other Gacha game.


Arknights is a tower-defense Gacha game released in 2019 for China and 2020 for worldwide, the game is developed by a Chinese Studio Hypergryph and Montagne and is still ever evolving. The Anime features a dystopian world showcasing a group of mutated humans referred to as Terrans (Humans that have a special traits like Animals, commonly known as Furry) that co-exist with normal humans, although, some parties support the coexisting between races and some despise it, which you would see the chaos that these violent organizations instigate in the world that oppose it.

Arknights is popular due to the stylish graphics that catches the players attention, also that it uses the Tower-Defense mechanic in their game concept which makes it an overall fun and interesting game for people who love strategy and cute anime girls.

Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a shoot’em up 2017 gacha game inspired by the popular Japanese Anime franchise Kantai Collection. It’s developed by a Chinese studio Shanghai and Xiamen Yongshi, and unlike Kantai collection, Azur Lane has an NA release version of the game with their own Anime.

Azur Lane revolves around a fictional world where humans, or girls can conjoin with parts of a ship, you call them ship girls. Azur lane, just like Kantai Collection represents real life ship models, mostly on World War 2 variant Warships and this what makes players love the game for the World War 2 navy ships and Anime girls, sounds fun doesn’t it?

Bang Dream

Bang Dream is a popular rhythm Gacha game developed by Craft Egg, the game is based on the Anime BanG Dream! franchise, which is about a group of girl music bands competing in small and big time gigs or concerts. Bang Dream is widely popular among North America and Japan, and is still widely played despite other competitions in the Rhythm game genre. The music is great which is expected from Japanese produced songs and the gameplay is simple enough to follow for casual players.

Date a Live: Spirit Pledge

Date a Live: Spirit Pledge is a recent Gacha game released in 2020. It’s a gacha game that combines action into a dating sim, which you can date the girl characters in the video game while destroying bosses. Date a Live: Spirit Pledge is based on the popular anime franchise Date a Live series, which is the reason why this game is massively popular. It has tons of cute girls, and the graphics are great for a modern Gacha game, it’s worth trying out if you are a fan of Anime getting into the world of Gacha gaming.

Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a 2018 gacha game, and it’s one of those games with amazing visuals packed with an awesome storyline to follow. It’s an action RPG game that focuses on team-building where you have to progress through the main storyline and fight consecutive amount of battles, you can also grind in places like Dungeons which is referred to as Labyrinth for rare gear to be equipped. The gameplay is fun as well with the story, and for the amazing characters the game has to offer which makes you want to play more and collect them.

Kings Raid

Kings Raid has been out since 2017, clearly the game has tons of content, and things to do which can be a good or bad. Kings Raid is a great Gacha game as there is plenty of characters, and content progression, but there has been mixed opinions based on how friendly it is for newcomers due to the massive content the game already has and its Free to Play friendly problems.

Despite the cons, the game is enjoyable, it can be tedious especially when you don’t want to spend money and how things can feel overwhelming at times, but I do find it worth the time, and probably yours if you vibe with the lore and gameplay. There’s an Anime for it as well: King’s Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumono-tachi, and some of their Opening songs were sung by Dreamcatcher, a popular Korean pop group.

Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes is a recent 2020 PVP focused gacha game, although free to play aspects seem to be fine, its awesome for casual players to get into. The game is pretty awesome with the combat and graphics where the art itself is top notch, skill animations and overall character designs are eye-catching for me and to other players.

Gameplay is great, it’s a turned-based team building game with PVP, although people have said Top Tier PVP is heavily Pay to Win, I do tend to agree with that opinion as well, but I do still enjoy the game and I think it’s worth getting into. I mean, just look at the Art design.

Girls Frontline

Girls Frontline is another popular Gacha game that is about the characters representing real life guns, just like Azur Lane where the characters represent Warships. The game is region locked and only available to certain countries like North America, but can be avoided by downloading it elsewhere.

The gameplay may not look fun or addicting, but it’s actually more complex with its combat system, where unit movement matters, base capturing, and more strategic focused concepts. Girls Frontline is popular due to the girl characters the game has to offer, and storyline it tells, which an Anime is coming out soon for Girls Frontline. So, if you want to get into the lore of Girls Frontline, you can find and download it via a 3rd party download service if you’re region blocked.

Pokemon Monsters EX

Pokémon Monsters EX is a Pokémon gacha game since 2019. Pokémon Monsters EX has received mixed opinions and community criticism because lets be honest, anything Pokémon with a combination of being a Gacha, it’s set to be a Pay to Win cash grab from the start with many launch problems.

Although with that aside, I do think it’s a fun game, even if you don’t spend cash, I myself play this game still, and I vibe with it. The game didn’t receive good feedback during its launch due to lack of content and other problems, but now the developers are listening to the players which the game has come a long way and improved. It’s still widely popular because it’s Pokémon, and you should really give it a try if you love Pokémon.

If you play or have any other Best gacha games you think should be on the list, comment down below.

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