The Rising of the Shield Hero Review: Why You Should Watch


If you are into fantasy, strong heroes, lovable supporting characters, leveling up, countless skills and upgrades, frustrating betrayals, and overpowered foes and monsters, then The Rising of the Shield Hero is for you! This heroic anime that got the fans into a rollercoaster ride is getting a second season so here are some of the reasons why you should watch The Rising of the Shield Hero!

It’s Like a Video Game

My first impression of the anime is that it briefly reminded me of Sword Art Online (SAO) which I also loved watching as they both shared a similar plot but actually these two animes are way different from each other. As the title indicates, “Shield” is one of the 4 main weapons in the anime that are designated to heroes to fight against the so called unpredictable, endless “waves” that appear at random places in different kingdoms. Seem familiar?

Empathy for the Main Character

The story goes like a typical isekai anime that revolves around a regular school boy that is mysteriously transported into a world that he has no knowledge of but it gets more interesting from there.

The main character, Iwatani Naofumi, is assigned involuntarily with the shield which is one of the 4 main weapons in the story (nobody wants to pick a shield as a weapon, right?) and he sees the other 3 characters from different worlds are equipped with “better” weapons (Sword, Spear, and Bow) which makes him feel left out and not as strong as the other 3 heroes.

Naofumi is not treated the same way as the other 3 and there is discrimination thrown against the Shield Hero which makes things tougher and frustrating for him. We are compelled to root for Naofumi more as he goes further in his journey to become stronger despite the odds being against him.

Naofumi’s Companions

Naofumi went through a lot of hardships and he has been alone for pretty much the early part of the story which he mostly prefers because his trust is difficult to earn due to the unfairness and the harshness of the terrible kingdom he is in. He was able to get his first true companion through a pitiful slave that he purchased with a very heartbreaking past which then becomes a very loyal and courageous partner because of Naofumi’s kindness and support.

Raphtalia, Naofumi’s first true partner and the main heroine in the story, was there by his side even when the slave seal was lost and also when things went south and terrible. There is also another companion of his, a Filolial Queen that he luckily obtained from a purchased egg, who is devoted and willing to fight for him until the very end and would do anything to protect him.Naofumi is also blessed with soldiers from the kingdom who admired him as he was able to inspire them through his bravery and dedication in battles against the enemies. 

Awesome Weapon Abilities and Upgrades

You will get to see Naofumi upgrading his shield after enemy and monster encounters which most people (particularly gamers) would call “grinding”. The abilities and upgrades amazes not just Naofumi but also the viewers which makes us more grippy and curious about Naofumi’s journey in the story especially on the evolution of the shield. The possibilities are endless! 

It’s Relatable

Before Naofumi became the prominent and renowned Shield Hero, he was just a lonely guy trying to find his purpose in life. Viewers were given optimism as he stumbled upon something that took him into a “different” world but fell short as our expectations on the treatment towards the Shield Hero were a disappointment.

Naofumi was determined to continue his path despite the challenges and the harshness of the people around him. It is comparable in today’s world as we are faced with constant challenges and there are people who either lift us up or pull us down but the story inspires us to just believe in yourself and do not let the worthless opinions of others get into you. 

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Confirmed!

It’s definitely worth the watch! As you finish the entire first season, you would have already realized and known some of the “Whys” but the season finale is not enough to supply the knowledge and the curiosity which leaves you on a cliffhanger. Fans are blessed with another confirmed new season this year (2021) which is why you go to check out season 1 as soon as possible!

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