13 Best Mobile Rhythm Games to Master Right Now

Looking for the best Mobile Rhythm games? You found the perfect article! Rhythm games is a popular genre in the gaming world, which started emerging in the Japanese Market and sparking popularity in the Western market later on. Rhythm games can be competitively fun and without a doubt it’s satisfying to play when tapping to the beat while doing harder challenges.


Challenges from doing faster pace tempos to reach higher scores, more circles to tap to, and a lot more features that makes Rhythm games a competitive environment. There are tons of Mobile Rhythm Games out there and we will introduce you to some of the best mobile rhythm games out on Android and IOS, so you can get started in mastering it.

Start playing these best mobile rhythm games


Arcaea is at the top of the list due to its popularity, and challenging atmosphere with a lot of Anime visual art. If you are really into a solid rhythm game that will test your skills, Arcaea is the best choice on this list with an amazing range of music genres which the game has over 204 available songs. It’s not a game you want to miss trying since most Rhythm players have recommend this game to play and is considered one of the best mobile rhythm games to download.

Cytus 2

Cytus is another contender that was one of the original Rhythm mobile games that focuses their gameplay around a difficult environment that is to hard master. Later in 2018, Cytus 2 came out and has over 400+ songs with better overall visuals and gameplay. Cytus is a popular solid rhythm game to try which has been at the top of the best mobile rhythm games to play.


Lanota is another anime-based Rhythm game that is widely popular due to its different style of gameplay. Lanota uses a a circular playfield rather than a set of lanes. Just from that, it’s difficult, but it’s something most Rhythm game players love for the challenge. It also comes with a visual story mode, so if you’re into that, give Lanota a try.


Deemo is another Rhythm game developed by Rayark the makers of Cytus, Deemo has a more melancholy atmosphere just like their music. The gameplay is pretty simple which isn’t too complex that follows the simple 6 lanes. Deemo has quite the interesting lore behind it and it’s probably known because of its lore, they have also made a new game to the series called Deemo: Reborn and people loved it, it’s currently available on Google Play and PC. If you’re into Rhythm games with an interesting lore, this game series is a great choice.


Voez is another game developed by Rayark that caters more to an Anime themed Rhythm game with Anime genre of songs that follows the multiple horizontal Lane gameplay style. Voez has been out for quite awhile and still goes strong in popularity until now with an active community. If you’re into Anime themed music unlike the others which delves deeper into other genres that have less focus on Anime vocals and instrumentals then Voez could be the one for you instead.

Bang Dream

Bang Dream is an idol Gacha Rhythm game, compared to the rest, this type of game focuses on an ongoing popular Anime franchise based on Idol music. Bang Dream is a Rhythm game revolving around Girl Bands that sing all kinds of music genres, ballads, rock, and more. Bang Dream is gacha game, so expect to be collecting a lot of awesome characters and outfits which just gives the game more fun content to grind for.

Love Live! Rythm games

Love Live is another popular Idol anime that has a gacha game based off of it, which is Love Live! School idol festival and Love Live! All Stars. Love Live is one of the first idol Anime to put out a Rhythm game for the western Market and still widely popular due to the Anime Franchise still continuing with newer series. Love Live has a gacha system just like Bang Dream, where you have to collect special rare outfits. If you’re into Idol Anime Music with a gacha system then Love Live! is an awesome choice.


Opsu! is an open-source version of the widely popular Osu! Rhythm game. Opsu! serves as the mobile version and is available for Android where anyone can download an existing Osu! beatmap and play it on their phones with a leaderboard available. If you’re an Osu player or getting into Rhythm games, Opsu! is a great start and it’s the most known Rhythm game for the PC.

Muse Dash

Muse Dash is a recent rhythm game since last year, and has gained a reputation for itself in the rhythm gaming community. It has awesome music and an awesome challenging environment containing a range of cute colorful visuals that implements action into a rhythm game. Muse Dash has a PC steam version as well that was successful on release, so, it’s worth trying.


Phigros is a ‘laneless’ Rhythm game developed by Pigeon Games, and it’s actually a pretty hard game. The songs are fantastic in this game and gameplay wise, it’s fun to learn. Not a lot of Rhythm games have the ‘laneless’ concept implemented in them, and Phigros brings this concept into the world of Rhythm games, making a fun unique challenging environment to master, give it a try as many players have enjoyed it.


Musynx is a pretty unique Rhythm game in a way yet a pretty simple one. Where if a player misses a note, it won’t play a part of the song, which is quite interesting gameplay wise. The game doesn’t have any real depth, and complexity, it’s just a rhythm game that throws you right into the game. The songs in this game are quite amazing, and awesome to listen to which is why people loved it and its worth trying it out just because of it.


Cytoid is a pretty interesting Rhythm game which is actually said to be a Cytus clone. Cytoid is an open-source rhythm game where players can create, share and play their own map levels. With this, it has a wide range of music genres, and the gameplay isn’t bad considering if you like Cytus then you’ll like Cytoid. The community is still active, so it’s worth giving it a shot.

TAPSONIC game series

TAPSONIC is a rhythm game series developed by Neowiz. TAPSONIC is said to be the mobile version of the PC Rhythm game DJMAX. TAPSONIC has different versions that relates to gameplay features being different to one another like gacha and non gacha, songs and other different gameplay content. If this sounds interesting, go check out this list of TAPSONIC games, they also have a PC title called TAPSONIC BOLD

If you enjoyed any of these best mobile rhythm games, or have another game to add, comment down below.

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