5 Star Trek Series To Watch

Do you want to watch Sci-Fi series or maybe you like watching Sci-Fi and you need something that’s new and somewhat interesting? Why not watch Star Trek and one of the series listed below that may intrigue you? Anyone could watch Star Trek in any age range, it could be a fun family time to sit down and watch.

The storylines are different in each episode and there’s so many characters to be able to understand within the series. Star Trek never gets old as there’s action packed, romance, friendship, betrayal…etc. Even if it’s the 90s Star Trek series or even the original, you can still watch those series even today. You don’t even have to be a Star Trek fan, you can go ahead and watch if you’re bored and you’ll see why Star Trek is popular even today. Check out some of the series and binge watch.


Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek The Next Generation primarily focuses on Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew on board the U.S.S Enterprise during the 24th century. The Next Generation has a total of 7 seasons along with 4 films. The series is highly popular even to this day because of the focusing of it’s characters with each episode.

The storyline of each episode is different and it has different themes thus it could be: action packed, romance, comedy, first contact, etc. You don’t have to be a Star Trek fan to be able to watch The Next Generation. You could even just watch one episode to be able to know what’s going on and not get confused or boring. If you want to watch Star Trek, you should try watching The Next Generation.

Star Trek Discovery

Just like the other Star Trek series, Star Trek Discovery is to go on missions and do first contact. However there is a Starfleet Officer that must understand while journeying with the crew of Discovery. Star Trek Discovery is the first Star Trek series that has two gay characters and same-sex marriage. Beside that, Star Trek Discovery has many references to past series that many fans may recognize. The plot is darker but the technology of Star Trek Discovery is more advanced than the other series that you may have watched or heard of. If you want to watch a modern and newer Star Trek series, Star Trek Discovery is where you should start watching Star Trek.

Star Trek

The original Star Trek was at a different time where technology wasn’t advanced yet. However the series has technology that was able to be put in the real world like the cell phone as it was the communicator back then. It was a popular series as characters are slowly developing in each of the episodes.

When the original Star Trek series first came out, there were many criticisms for the series. It ran for 3 seasons and the original Star Trek was cancelled making the series the shortest series of Star Trek. The original Star Trek is outdated unlike the other Star Trek series, but the storylines in each episode is fun to watch and the original Star Trek with Kirk is the starting point where the Star Trek franchise would begin.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Star Trek Deep Space Nine takes place on board a space station and not a ship. The main cast of Deep Space Nine is unique and diverse as this time, they have: human, Bajoran, Trill, Ferengi, etc. That would mean the series has a lot of storytelling to do and the series ran for 7 seasons! It was mostly dark theme based because of the space station as it was run by Cardassians before Starfleet took over. Deep Space Nine has a lot of action packed battle episodes which makes it exciting and fun to watch.

The series also made room for character development and a fan favorite character named: Elim Garak made it more exciting for the cast of Deep Space Nine. Elim Garak was a simple tailor, but if he was a simple tailor, why was he the only Cardassian left behind? If you like dark themes and mysteries, Deep Space Nine is the series that you should look into.


Star Trek Picard

If you haven’t watched Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager, you may be confused on what is going on with Star Trek Picard. Picard takes place on Earth in the 24th century where Jean-Luc Picard is retired, until a young woman finds him and she needs his help. Picard soon realizes that the woman may have some connection with him that he didn’t realize before. It may be understandable even if you haven’t watched the Star Trek series as there’s new and old characters returning.

There’s so much nostalgia while watching Picard and it only has one season so far and thus there isn’t much action or character development as of yet. It has potential in the upcoming seasons and it’s just awesome because how different it is from the next generation with Picard being the star of another star trek series.

Watching Star Trek is a fun way to pass the time. After watching one episode, you’ll be itching to continue watching for more to see what happens next. It could be nostalgic and fun for new and old fans. You don’t need to be a Star Trek fan or even have to go to the conventions to watch Star Trek, you could just go ahead and see if you’ll be able to like Star Trek.

Binge watching Star Trek could take long if you want to watch every Star Trek series, but if it’s a particular Star Trek series that you want to binge watch, you can do it and may not take long. You aren’t alone in watching Star Trek as there’s so many fans out there that love Star Trek and you don’t even know who.

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