8 Best Science Anime to Watch Right Now

Looking for the Best Science Anime? Anime About Science is widely used in Anime stories, being it in a fictional fantasy one, or a semi-realistic slice of life themed Anime. There’s always a hint of it, and sometimes ending up as a centralized theme of the Anime. It makes the plot fun, interesting and if it’s good enough, you can learn a thing or two from the basics of what science it is referencing from. Here are the 10 best science anime to watch right now


Cells at Work

Cells at Work or Hataraku Saibou is an Anime about the human body, and which the Anime implements how human society is depicted in the cell system of the Human. It’s quite an interesting development and concept, where the Anime places the main character as a “Red Blood Cell”, following her day-to-day life in the human body on how she works, and interacts with other parts of the body, including meeting the second main character who’s a “White Blood Cell”. Which I think makes it one of the best Science Anime that is biologically themed.

Steins; Gate

Steins;Gate is probably one of the most popular Science Anime titles among this list and outside of it, it’s a widely favorited Anime in the community and centralizes its story around the concept of time-traveling. Although, the science involved is semi-realistic per se, and it’s more of a secondary compliment of the focus in the story, which is a drama science fiction oriented show, but it does have nice scientific references and dialogue towards things like the black hole and other scientific theories it mentions.

Science Fell In Love, and I Tried to Prove It

Science Fell in Love and I tried to prove it is an anime about two university Science Students that seek out in trying to discover what is the concept of love and what constitutes it in a scientific way. Loving one another, and declaring it to one another, they try to understand and grasp the idea of what love is when applying scientific understanding to their emotions. It’s a fun comedic anime with a highlight of science themed concepts and it’s overall fun to watch just for that.

Silver Spoon 

Silver spoon is a slice of life anime with a focus on the subtle themes of agricultural science, where it focuses on a main character who just moved from the city life to the country side and enrolled into an agricultural school. Silver Spoon is a great slice of life anime merely because it has quite of a nice pile of life lessons, hints of romance, and overall relaxed atmosphere of agricultural livelihood showing on how fun and sometimes challenging it can be.

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is one of the Anime series that rose to fame during its year. Dr Stone is an anime about a male character, named Senkuu, who experienced an event that petrified human civilization into stone for several millennia, Senkuu later on woke up seeing that he’s the first of humanity to awaken among the. His love for science, along with a friend that woke up later, made him seek out in discovering what was the meaning of such petrification to humanity and how he can wake up the rest of human civilization that is still stuck in stone-form.

Koisuru Asteroid

Koisuru Asteroid or Asteroid in love is a Slice of Life Anime focusing on the themes of Astronomy. Where two childhood friends promised to name an Asteroid after one of their names. Koisuru Asteroid doesn’t really go in-depth into the complexities of astronomy, but rather the basic general knowledge of it, depicting the interest of our protagonist in the field of Astro-related learning and career paths. Something that might make you relate towards, or find any interest in when wanting to pursue Astronomy for yourself.

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Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

Shiroi Suna no Aquatope is a unique Anime about marine life, sciences and the career depth of anybody interested. Although, the same with koisuru Asteroid, it isn’t a focal point of the plot but a secondary theme to support the story, and I think it’s a great Anime for anyone who not only wants to seek a slice-of-life drama, but enjoy watching it for the depiction of people who are interested in aquatic-life altogether.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru

People who love the study of bones, and seek the osteologist career choice would probably enjoy this Anime, Beautiful Bones. The Main Character loves to analyze bone specimens and further wanting more in analyzing Humans Bones specifically, causing her to help with the Hokkaido Police Department in solving cases, where she analyzes decomposing bodies.

If you think there’s more Anime about science out there that wasn’t included in the list, comment down below!

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